Quest and quest rewards that make absolutely no sense.

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HisagiHisagi Forum DwellerHisagiComments: 3 ✭✭
Level 13 ... upgrade your smithy to level 3 ... and then craft a tempered spear, which requires a level 4 smithy.

Makes no sense.

After you've finally finished construction of your market they would like to purchase some of my products at much higher prices! Great news! What do they want in particular?

They're in the market for 5 enhanced archery gears. Ok, that will take 30 hours just for the final product, but before then I'll need 10 quivers (11,000 gold, 1500 lumber, 190 stone, and 15 hours of at the smithy), 5 taughtened bows (8000 gold, 1200 lumber, 300 stone, and 15 hours at the smithy) So assuming I have two functional smithies ... just to craft the required materials it is going to take 30 hours, 19000 gold, 2700 lumber, and 490 stone.

So one day plus 6 hours later you have the materials required and you begin crafting the wanted sets. Again, assume I have two smithies and both are level 3 (which can't produce tempered spears btw), it will take 18 hours to produce 5 sets (30 man hours ... the same amount of time to produce the required materials), 24000 gold, 1800 lumber, 450 stone, and 60 iron (and iron is probably the most valuable resource in the game).

So to sum it up, 5 enhanced archery sets (gears), will cost 43,000 gold alone. In addition to the 4500 lumber, 940 stone, and 60 iron.

Naturally you would expect a premium price for that kind of gold and material cost ... especially when it takes 60 man hours to produce. So what is the reward? How much are they going to buy said 5 enhanced archery sets for?

48500 gold.

What? Are you mad? Are you insane? In 60 hours 3 Farmsteads will produce 54000 gold. The raw resources required to just build those 5 sets cost more than what they're offering to buy the finished product for.

I can just sell 4500 lumber for 36000 gold.

I can just sell 940 stone for 15040 gold.

I can just sell 60 iron for 4800 gold.

I can forgo selling said sets and just sell the combined materials (under priced as they are) for more ... 55840 gold ... save myself 60 hours and come out ahead since I didn't have to spend gold.

Someone needs a calculator ... there is no profit here, there is only a waste of precious crafting time and a loss.
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  • CdMCdM Forum Speaker CdMComments: 26 ✭✭✭
    Each archery set you sell is worth $48.5k so $242.5k if you sell all 5, plus whatever bonus cash they are offering for all 5, usually somewhere in the $50k bonus range I've noticed though it does vary. They really don't explain it very well on the purchase screen. The archery sets are a tedious one for sure to do, they wanted 40 leather gauntlets last time I tried, I raked in a huge profit. I love my market.
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  • HisagiHisagi Forum Dweller HisagiComments: 3 ✭✭
    Ah, so it is just poor wording. That's an actual reward then.

    Still ... can't make tempered spears after upgrading to smithy 3.
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