Shrine malfunction

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I lost Stormcaller and a few other soldiers when I tried to use the "Revive All" function in the Shrine. Stormcaller and the other soldiers vanished along with my crystals. That was a couple days ago. Yesterday, it happened again when I tried reviving 7 soldiers at one time. One was an Elvish Archer. All 7 soldiers vanished along with the crystals I used to revive them. In both instances, it happened within minutes after a battle had ended. This is BAD!

The loss of my money is what has me most upset. I bought the crystals with money and saw the game flush them down the toilet. I paid the required $7 (US) for each of the 3 Elvish Archers just to see one stolen from me.

Oh, wait! One other thing upsets me even more. There is apparently no way to communicate directly with the game developers as inquiries made with the Contact Support at the bottom of the game page go unanswered, and the Contact Developer function on the FB "Knights Official Page" has been disabled. I am very upset!

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