Poll: Best Way to Help a Friend/Ally

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Basically, let us make a poll and all you have to do is tell me what order would be best to help your friend/ally out.

Arrange which buildings should be the priority in helping out.

A. Production
Farm -Coins
Mill - Wood
Quarry - Stone
Mine - Iron
Dwarven - Runes
Smithy - Items

B. Unit Training
Barracks - Infantry
Archery - Archer
Siege - Ballista
Horseyard - Mounted
Shrine - Revival

C. Research
Altar - Heroes
Citadel - New building
Arsenal - Unit upgrade
Building Upgrade

Select which category/specific building do you want your friend to help you out on...

My choice:

I always seems to run out of resources, so I really do not need faster research and faster building upgrade if I will not have enough resources to do them. Right now I usually stop my research because I don't have enough iron/wood/stone to do produce the armors and weapons necessary to make a research.
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