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I know the amount of your building and levels makes you get more when you raid. But is there any possible way to make you lose less when raided?

I've been in and out of 1600 about 8 times now because I'm being raided 1-2 times a day losing about 40 each time. I gain only above 10 when I raid. For me, losing 40-100 ranking a day and gaining 0-50 each day. Also, me revenging someone who raided me, or vice versa, it's a lose-lose situation because we're both losing way more than gaining. I've been riding this raiding train to nowhere for about a week and a half now.

I am changing around my defenses and constantly upgrading my people. But that only makes it worse. When my people weren't as good and when my defenses also weren't as good, I could actually revenge my raiders. Now that I'm stronger and I believe I have good defenses, I get raided by people I have no chance of raiding them back. My guardsmen are about 65% upgraded, shooters 30%, and sword masters are 11% and I'm constantly being raided by people with Templars, marksman, sentinels, and prize winners like snow queen, scarecrow, and ent. I'm around 2500th in the game and I was recently raided by someone in the top 50 that has 4 times my ranking.

I suggest that it should be easier for members like me to keep a steady ranking and have a fair chance to get my ranking back after losing nearly 100 points a day.
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