Deadman´s Pass

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Castle XCastle X Freshly on the boardCastle XComments: 1
Hello guys, I´m new here.
I have a question. Does someone has a suggestion or a tip for me, how to finish the battle "Deadman´s Pass"?
Which units should I use? How should they be upgraded?
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  • CdMCdM Forum Speaker CdMComments: 26 ✭✭✭
    I did this with my guards researched somewhere near 60% (4 weapon, 3 initiative and remaining were health researches) and Crashton researched in guards about 5 or 6 slots. I kept my troops together using smaller moves while exploring and tend to keep one slightly forward of the rest as a magnet to bring the enemy into range and swarm them and to set off the ambushes. When they come in packs, don't rush in, but try and drag a few out by having one troop slightly forward in the aggro range of only 1 or 2 of the enemy and the rest of your swarm in a position to immediately surround the enemy who have come forward (your basic FRP kiting principal.)

    If someone is majorly wounded I keep them back slightly and bring them into combat from the back of the swarm. I often forget to use Crashtons ability as well.
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  • Castle XCastle X Freshly on the board Castle XComments: 1
    K thx. My guards are near 40%, so I try to upgrade them more and then I will try that mission again.
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