Tips for Enemy Camp mission

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CdMCdM Forum SpeakerCdMComments: 26 ✭✭✭
I'm up to this point on the campaign, and I'm not exactly sure what troops to take.

I would guess maybe Hero, 4 guards and one shooter/ballista with enough range to out outclass the towers? I'm at the point where I can research an extra move square on the guards, so I'm going to wait for that to research first, which will take me a few days to stock resources at my slow play style. I've got a 'no magic book' allowed thing going on, but I have finally managed to have the rune tower under construction and the Dwarven Smithy already up. Will my magic book open up once the tower is up, or will I have to do this without magic anyway? I have all those Xmas scrolls and nothing to do with them.

The opponents stats are:
1x (skele centurion) Leader ?/?/1200 (I never noticed this guy different before I completed the screen and then missed his stats)
8x Darkling 50/400/100
7x Spearleton 60/200/110
4x Damned Swordmaster 50/300/80
3x Skele-Archer 60/150/80
6x Tower 40/250/80
Necromancer 100/600/100
Lancelas 90/800/100
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  • Dukes SodaDukes Soda Freshly on the board Dukes SodaComments: 1
    You have to only kill the leader. as you come close for battle necromancer,lancelas and 2 darkling go ahead for other battle or something. for this battle i only brought 1 ballista and rest of them were guardsman. at the end i lost only 1 guardsman and ballista. just move slowly the leader will come for you don't need to rush
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  • CdMCdM Forum Speaker CdMComments: 26 ✭✭✭
    I finally got around to doing this, it wasn't so bad. I took a ballista, 4 guards and the hero. Guards on about 82% research, ballista never researched before, hero with a decent amount of research over the three types.

    I swarmed the first darkling taking one hit on a hero, and then the second taking one hit on a hero. I basically then formed a defence at the bend of the trail and used a guard to bait the first skele spearman until he was tempted to follow me to get into range of everyone who swarmed him with no damage taken.

    I then crept down the path until my ballista was in reach of the first left tower, which managed to be in range to shoot me back. I parked a hero out front who took two hits while the ballista killed the tower. Even though the tower has 250hp and I could only damage 120hp per shot,it was dead with 10hp left and was out of operation. The nearby skele archer came forward to the top of the cliff next to the tower, and the longer range ballista slowly picked him off. I picked off the first right tower by letting a hero take the hits while the ballista killed it in 2 shots. My ballista then sniped off the skele spearman nearby who never moved. I baited the next skel archer who ran up the cliff next to the first tower, where the ballista sniped him. I then formed a defence line between the two dead towers and sent a guard down along the top cliff to bait the next troops out. This happened to be the leader and 2 skele spearmen who came running, the leader having a huge move range. He picked on my leader while all my other troops swarmed him, and I used my hero's +15 damage bonus. He went down in two turns, killing my leader while the skele spearmen landed behind me and started to attack my guards. I expected to lose a guard next turn, but the leader died and the battle was over.

    So really, you barely confront any of the troops on the screen, and if you're well researched you can swarm everything you face if you bait them slowly.
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  • As ZaidejasAs Zaidejas Forum Dweller As ZaidejasComments: 3 ✭✭
    I kill the Leader, and then all enemies died instantly.
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  • Austin TeohAustin Teoh Forum Dweller Austin TeohComments: 3 ✭✭
    i use sir crashton to lure the leader to my army and kill it by just losing 2 heroes. You dont need ballista just put your men(guards men-5) on the hill side and set a trap there wait the leader to come :)
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