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gr3ygr3y Freshly on the boardgr3yComments: 1
Hi all, would just like to know if there is a list on what level can we get building availability and building upgrades. Particularly, the foundry. I already have 2, will there be a 3rd one or max is 2? (without buying with qrystals)

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  • Torben NielsenTorben Nielsen Forum Expert Torben NielsenComments: 88 ✭✭✭✭
    Without crystals you cant get the 3rd foundry. But keep in mind that if you have 3 foundries, then it would require that much more resourses to keep them going...

    With crystals you can get any building. I know of a lvl 15 player with the mage tower...
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  • gr3ygr3y Freshly on the board gr3yComments: 1
    Thanks Torben.

    It seems i have to think if i want to use my collected qrystals for the additional foundry. Ponder on this, I must :o
    It's just these bars are causing a bottle neck on my upgrade. :(
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