Defend the Camp mission

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Compared to the previous mission Enemy Camp, this one is considerably longer to complete, though still not that long. There is a lot of fighting to do, so play it safe throughout and don't get over eager to throw away troop health.

We return to the same map as Enemy Camp, except this time the towers are on your side. You have 10 slots to fill, so hero and 9 troops, I took 2 bows and 7 guards, but ended up finding the bows of little use with their low speed and range. If I had more idea of the game setup I could have made better use of them, but they spent most of the game moving and not firing. There are 3 locations of 4 squares to place troops, I accidentally cut off the top set of 4, but you can tell where they are. For set up, fill the bottom and centre ones first.

There are 5 waves of attackers - 2 waves attack from the bottom, one wave from the top, once they are beaten the undead bodies between the top two towers come to life and the fifth wave from the bottom. The screenshot shows the first wave at the bottom, and the third wave at the top. You're only facing standard troops here, and each wave is activated by defeating the previous one, so you can pre shuffle troops early if you know the order.

The first wave has 4 undead swordmaster and 6 spearletons
The second wave has 4 undead swordmaster and 6 skeleton archers
The third wave has 6 undead swordmasters and 6 spearletons
The fourth wave has 5 zombies (I don't remember their proper names)
The fifth wave has 4 undead swordsmen and 6 skeleton archers

The first 2 waves are fairly easy, they string out and tend to move to the nearest tower at the bottom left of the screen. I used my guards to swarm them in pieces while they went for the tower. I suffered only minimal damage though the two towers down that end sustained damage. I then moved my defences to form a wall across where the central set up area is so the undead had to walk past three towers. They came down fairly strung out, and were easy enough to lure and swarm. I had 2 archers up next to the top two towers.

Once this wave is beaten, it activates some reinforcements - 6 guards men appear at the top of the map where you entered in the Enemy Camp mission. These guys don't have your stats, but 50 damage and about 240hp if I remember right. The fourth wave also activates which is 5 zombie type darklings with big spiky clubs where the dead bodies are between the top two towers. I let the two towers distract them and cause minor damage while I formed a defence down near the centre start point and as they came out I swarmed them with everything I had.

I then rushed back down to the bottom left tower and formed a defence there and easily took care of the fifth wave though I think both towers went down, but better than my troops, right? At the very end of the mission 4 cavalry join you from the bottom of the screen, one of them was lucky enough to do the final kill of the mission for me, but were otherwise too late.

My guards were researched at 87% (all damage and initiative, the rest health, which with hero bonus is about 385hp. My two shooters were barely researched except they had some decent damage, 75 I think. I took some damage throughout but no troops died and only the two shooters came close who spent most of the mission moving and not shooting. I lost 4 towers.
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