People are persons

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Bob Marley: "Good friends we had; good friends we lost. Along the way."
We play a game here - - - only?
What, if the computer people would have their own identity? If our warriors would have their own name: would it make a change to us when it comes to sacrificing them on the battlefield? Will they be more than only a tool in the game?
I find this important, as it defines our own position if we are in power. There may also be a point in intruducing 'experience value': A warrior who has proven successful in battle, may raise in rank and power and become of higher value at some stage.
At last, our heroes already do have their names (and so - identities); I think, it makes a slight difference. Making heroes immortal - however - is somewhat doubtful. I would rather like to see them 'renewable'...
It would be closer to realistic life conditions, would it not?
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