Sir crashton problem

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Sepashvili BesoSepashvili Beso Freshly on the boardSepashvili BesoComments: 0
Hi all
sir crashton is 11 lvl, i have some upgrades for spearmen, +30 hp an +5 damage, but i cann only see in battle, increase only hp, not damage, this is not marked with golden helmet, is for spearmens, but...
same with archers, only increased hp , not damage,

pls help

I can make screenshots if you want
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  • Indriķis SīpolsIndriķis Sīpols Moderator Indriķis SīpolsComments: 219 Moderator

    I do not quite understand where the problem is. Could you rephrase what you said in a more detailed way?

    In the meantime, if we are talking about upgrades that can be researched in the altar of heroes, I can tell you that upgrades with the helmet icon ONLY concern the hero himself, while upgrades without the helmet icon ONLY concern the troops under that hero's command. This means that these upgrades will be applied to your respective troops only during battles (i.e. only when you play a campaign or attack another player's castle with the hero commanding your troops). Does this answer your issue?


    P.S. If you still think that there is a problem, please do post some screenshots and I will have a look at them.
    Screenshots you should post:
    1) researched upgrades in the altar of heroes
    2) a screenshot of your shooter's or guardsman's basic stats (whichever of them has issues according to you), while in your castle
    3) a screenshot of your shooter's or guardsman's stats (whichever of them has issues according to you) during siege or campaign
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