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Elmer PilacElmer Pilac Forum DwellerElmer PilacComments: 0 ✭✭
Firstly, i want to say how much i appreciate the new contents despite the game still being free. overall, i am liking the updates (probably because it was to my advantage or i'm simply optimistic).

Though the update prevented me from doing any further research because of my level, but i still see that i have an advantage against most of my own level because of the stuff i have successfully researched before the update. most of the veterans probably also see a lot of message saying enemies failing to conquer the castle more than before.

But i'm afraid the Heroes got simply overpowered. It maybe because i have invested a lot in sir crashton, but he can almost gain 3 stars by himself, and his washout skill is now too under-powered (+10 atk for 1 turn for higher tier units barely makes a difference).

most of my units like the sentinel is now very under-powered, they can't even come close to an archer tower and survive. but i guess that's why producing them has become really easy.

It's also a bother to have to click each portrait at the turn bar to differentiate who's who and who's up between the same units. It would be great if we can somehow customize each unit by color code or name, or simply identify each in battle with a matching number overhead.

To wrap it up, the changes are welcome since it was starting to get boring. I look forward to more updates in the future like the call to arms against monsters which has been grayed out since last year. And please keep it free as always, and i will keep supporting the game by playing it everyday! (limited real life resources)
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  • HakimHakim Forum Expert HakimComments: 68 ✭✭✭✭
    Elmer, I agree 99% :) There have been so many negative comments on facebook - even before people had tested out the new situation. Nice to see that there are some positive thinkers here as well :). We see a change and we need to respond to it. Moaning will not change a bit! Those who complain are usually the ones who had missed the train although the schedule was known ;)
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