Assaults and Tourney

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Juška LinasJuška Linas Freshly on the boardJuška LinasComments: 0
I am new in this game. My lv is 12. I really start don't like in this game assaults and tourneys because i always battle with stronger opponents. They have better soldiers, better defenses and so on. For example: i have only and their strength are: I always battle with opponent who have, higher castle lv and strong Archer towers, some troops with arrow cannons (Ballista) , more Lv and so on. Not to mention the fact that they always have more warriors, more Tents, more populations. Look at my opponent givin by assault mode. This guy not only have better castle but have Minotaur, and Knights with horses. Question, how i can fight with these players? I think Assaults and Tourney could give same lv opponents. Then it would be right. Do anybody agrees with me?
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