Upgrade units don't just build them

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Joe BallogJoe Ballog Forum DwellerJoe BallogComments: 7 ✭✭
One thing that bothers me about this game is that after you have researched higher levels of combat units, you don't really have much incentive to ever build the earlier ones. This could be fixed if you simply had to upgrade existing units into higher level units instead of just building new ones. So, for example, you would have to upgrade a peasant to become a guardsman, upgrade a hireling to become a swordsman. A ranger would upgrade to a shooter then a marksman and so on. You wouldn't have to change much, you would just need to have one of the lower-level units before you could build the higher level one, and that lower level unit would be replaced by the higher level unit once it is built.

This would of course, add slightly to the initial cost of building units, but as gamers generally LOVE to be able to level up units, I think it would considerably increase one's emotional attachment to those units, and thus to enjoyment of the game.
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  • Indriķis SīpolsIndriķis Sīpols Moderator Indriķis SīpolsComments: 219 Moderator

    I disagree, you become stronger so you build your stronger units but you still know how to build your earlier units (because you have researched them). The real world also works like that. It will be a stupid example (because it is about war), however, do people, in general, go to war with swords nowadays? They don't really, but they still could (if it was like you said, we wouldn't be able to use swords now, so in that aspect the game is logical, isn't it?).

    Also, the incentive of completely researching your "earlier" units is that every research gives you the possibility to earn more ranking points and get to higher leagues (just saying).

    All in all, your point of view is acceptable but you have to understand that it is deeply subjective. If you're talking about emotional attachment to units and the game in general, we would have to make a large-scale survey to find out which version of the game people would fancy more - the existing one or the one you offered. I would vote for the existing one.

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  • Joe BallogJoe Ballog Forum Dweller Joe BallogComments: 7 ✭✭
    Under the system I proposed, you can still build earlier units, but the difference is you would need to build some to upgrade them to a higher level, unlike the current system where you never bother building any of the weaker units once you can build the stronger ones. So I think my system is not only more emotionally engaging, but also more realistic, because in the real world you can't just create elite units out of thin air, they have to train through all the lower levels before becoming elite.

    The system could, incidentally, be made completely resource neutral just by subtracting the cost of building the lower units from the cost of the higher ones. Alternatively it could cost a little more than the current system, or substantially more. The main difference would be that you would have to be training up those lower units so that when you lost a higher one there would be another ready to do the training to the next level. So it adds a strategic aspect to the game that I think many gamers would enjoy.
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