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Although I think in general this game is well designed, there are a couple of things that really bug me.

The first is the clumsy method of adding new units. You need to have an empty slot in your castle's defenders before you can add a newly built unit. So you have to move a unit to the inventory before adding the new unit. I got so sick of doing this that I now have one permanently empty slot in my castle's defenders so I can add a new unit right away. I think a new unit should go straight to the inventory if all the defender's slots are full.

The other complaint is more substantial. It appears that only the units currently defending your castle are listed when you attack another castle. So if you want to use different units for attacking than defending, you may find yourself swapping units in and out of your castle's defenders when you want to attack or go back on the defence. The other disadvantage is that you don't have your full range of units to choose from when conducting an attack, and since you can't see the enemy castle before attacking, you don't know what the best mix of units will be for that attack. These issues could both be resolved if ALL your units, whether in the field or in the inventory, were made available when you are conducting an attack. It would also add to your possible strategies when attacking and so make the game more enjoyable.

Oh, one other thing. I really don't need a couple of big windows pointing out to me where an item went in my inventory when I buy something in the shop.
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  • Thanks for the input Joe. It's understandable what you mean about wanting the new unit to go directly to the inventory when no slot is available. Although you find it clumsy, this feature is important to less experienced players so that they know where their units are.

    Your second point regarding being able to go into battle and have the choice of ALL units both from your castle's defense as well as the inventory may be of some benefit; however, the game is designed such that you must think about the perfect mix of units that can both attack opponents as well as defend your castle. You only get the maximum population of 35. In the real world of the Knights of Old, the king didn't have a warehouse to choose more or different fighters. He (or she) could only fight (or defend) with what they had. That said, the game still allows you the possibility of changing units for attack or defense, but realize that if you are attacking with some select mix of units, those and the other uncommitted units are those defending your castle at the same time.

    And lastly, about that window popping up. :) Here again, it's probably of greater benefit to newer players so that they can physically see what they have purchased and that it is now in their inventory. In some game features, players earn something and then say they didn't get it, but what happens is that they got it but didn't realize it was done automatically.

    The bottom line is that your suggestions are being passed on to the development team. Perhaps they will consider the first and third suggestions in some future update that once a player reaches a certain level, that there are more shortcuts available to speed up the game. Your second point will be included with the other two, so please know it's not being ignored.

    Thanks again Joe. It's appreciated when players provide input to make Knights: Clash of Heroes the best gaming experience possible.
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