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Dustin StewartDustin Stewart Freshly on the boardDustin StewartComments: 0
Any chance of this game coming out for the android platform? I love this game, but don't get the time to sit at my comp that much, I could play it much more if I could play on my tablet.

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  • Indriķis SīpolsIndriķis Sīpols Moderator Indriķis SīpolsComments: 219 Moderator
    Dear, Dustin,

    thank you for the question. Here is an answer from game developers: "There's a chance, but it's low. The Knights' mechanics are not very suitable for tablets, but we don't reject the idea entirely."

    So, if we read between the lines - it is possible but it's not likely to happen soon :)

    Best Regards
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  • Sophie ChampagneSophie Champagne Freshly on the board Sophie ChampagneComments: 1
    I hope it will came in Android apk. Soon or Not... I really love the game, and I'm sure i'm not alone to believe that is more easy and accessible by playing in tablet, you can play the game everywhere. Is just more easy to bring the tablet. :P

    Think about that, computer= % of player Tablet = another + % of players, both .= double possibility of % of players, ( more possibility to get money )
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  • Indriķis SīpolsIndriķis Sīpols Moderator Indriķis SīpolsComments: 219 Moderator

    let's hope it will soon enough. Right now the team is doing an enormous amount of work to make the game more interesting - it consumes all of their time ;)

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  • Nguyen Ngoc MinhNguyen Ngoc Minh Forum Dweller Nguyen Ngoc MinhComments: 3 ✭✭
    Games more popular when it can play through many platforms or devices, please build the game on android & ios please.
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