Balancing Spells

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Hello gentlemen*tips fedora*
Im sorry to say it and i wish it would be otherwise,but my first post here will be critism.
Its about the spells in the game.
I will copy what i wrote on the facebook page...if im wrong(and that,,could''be the case because i dont play the game for a long time yet)please correct me.

Im playing this game for a while now,and i really enjoyed it so far.
But as soon as i took a closer look at the spellbook(it may have another name,but i play the game in german),i was....,,shocked''.
Shocked,because spells like the,,lighting spell''(does 60 damage points to a enemy unit)are very strong.
The reason for this is that there is no cooldown and you can use as many spells as you like.
I just tried it out: I attacked another player and used the lightning spell around 3 times in a row on the same enemy.
There was no cooldown,i didnt even have to be near the enemy and using the spell didnt even end my turn.
1 crystal is also not much.
So basically i could use 100 crystals to attack my enemy 100 times for 60 damage each,without ever ending my turn.
And it works in pvp too.
If that isnt pay to win,i dont know what is.
Isnt the point of pvp to find out who the better player is,and not who has more money?
If there is something i missed,please tell me.
I would suggest to limit the use of spells for each battle to only a few. Or make them have a cooldown and ending your turn.

This is what i posted on the facebook page of the game.
But i decided to post it here too,so that it gets more attention.
Please dont get me wrong,i dont write this to bash the game,i do it because i like the game and want to make it more enjoyable.
Maybe you could add mana as a new ressource that is needed to use spells,and the max ammount of mana you can use in each battle is limited?
Please think about it.
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