Black Magic Codex Tome

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Mark Simon SloanMark Simon Sloan Freshly on the boardMark Simon SloanComments: 0
Is this a single use item or does it allow permanent access to the Necromancer spells (once per battle, I'm assuming). If single use then WAY overpriced!!!
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  • Indriķis SīpolsIndriķis Sīpols Moderator Indriķis SīpolsComments: 219 Moderator
    Hi Mark,

    I suppose it might be single use but just to make sure I have forwarded your question to the devs: I will let you know their answer.


    Additional information:

    The Necromancer book just contains scrolls. After you open it, all scrolls, that are stated in the description of the book, will be added to the inventory (the book will disappear like all chests).
    These scrolls are unique, but still you use them like regular scrolls only once.
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