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Here you can find answers for the most frequently asked questions. FAQ will be extended in the future when the new features will be introduced to the game. If you cannot find answer for your question here, take a look and write in this thread:

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1. What genre does Titans belong to?

Titans is a strategy game with a real-time battle system. Your job as a commander is simple - build and upgrade your base, protect it from other players, research new technologies and create a squad of battle robots to fight for resources and domination with other commanders and the ARMA corporation. Good luck!

2. Can I use keyboard to control my robots?

Yes, you need to click the little gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen. This will open the game settings menu, check here if your keyboard is turned on.

3. Can I change the language of the game?

Yes, you need to click the little gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen. This will open the game settings menu, here you will be able to change the language (currently available languages are Russian, English, German and French). For the changes to take effect, you will need to reload the game.

4. What can I do on the global map?

You can do few things on the global map:
  • Find and attack other commander's bases
  • Attack ARMA resource convoys
  • Start ARMA missions
  • Start recon missions during the Special operation events

5. Can I change player bases on the map?

After some time the "refresh" icon will show up next to the bases on the map. After you click on them, you will see the "replace" button, click on it and the base will be randomly replaced with another player.

6. Where can I get T-mineral?

T-mineral cannot be mined on your base. There are two ways to obtain it, depending on whether you completed the "Crater-17" mission (mission #22 on your global map) or not. Before it you can only get T-mineral by attacking other players' bases, but after you complete the mission, T-mineral convoys will start to appear on the global map just like gas and uranium convoys.

7. How can I use credits?

You can use credits to speed up research, building upgrades and robot build orders. You can also buy resources and fuel. During the special operation you can use credits to get additional drones.

8. What is fuel needed for and how can I get it?

Fuel is a resource needed to start ARMA missions and attack player bases, you need at least 10 fuel to do it. However, each ARMA mission will grant you 30 fuel upon completion. There is no limit for the maximum amount of fuel you can have. When your fuel is below 50, you will automatically get 1 fuel each 4 min 48 secs.

9. How many robots can I store in my mech dock?

You can store as many robots as you like.

10. Can I sell robots?

Yes, but you will only get 50% of the resources back.

11. What will happen if I will not deploy my robots?

If you will not place your squadron on the battlefield within one minute after clicking the “Attack” button, you will get a message that the enemy air forces has shown up on the radar and your robots will return to the base. You will not lose any fuel for that.

12. What is a "Special operation" and how can I participate in it?

Special operation is an event that is previously announced, usually lasts 5 to 7 days and consists of dozens of missions divided into few chapters. Each chapter is more difficult than the previous one. The prize is a special and little stronger version of one of the robots available in mechworks. To participate, you need to have at least "Anaconda" robot researched. You can start mission by clicking on the "Recon" button, this will send out the drones to find the mission's location. You can store up to 4 drones and each drone has a 1-hour recharge time.

13. Can I upgrade few buildings at once?

You can have one active research in each of your laboratories, but you can also have only one building upgrade going on at the time. Also, when your mech factory is building a robot, you will not be able to change components of other robots until the build order is complete.

14. Can I sell a building?

Buildings cannot be sold, you can only move or modify them.

15. What is the maximum upgrade level of the buildings?

Tesla traps max lvl is 3, headquarters max lvl is 5 and all other buildings can be upgraded up to lvl 10.

16. I can’t collect the resources when I click on the icon above the mine. What should I do?

You should check if your storage is not full, in that case you won’t be able to collect more resources until you spend some first.

17. Why does a turret have a lightning icon above it?

It means that it's out of power supply, you need to place it close to your other buildings(max 2 tiles away) to make it operational.

18. I need more resources for the upgrade/research/robot than my depots can hold. What should I do?

Your only way is to keep upgrading your depots until you will be able to store enough resources.

19. What happens to a monolith once it’s empty?

When the monolith is empty there will be an icon above it indicating that your mines can no longer extract any resources from it. You can replace empty monolith with a new one by clicking this icon. When you reload the game, a new monolith will spawn in a random place around your base.
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