Units stop to shoot at maximum range when ordered

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Nathaniel BoltNathaniel Bolt Forum ExpertNathaniel BoltComments: 37 ✭✭✭✭
I dont know if other players have this problem, but my units dont stop at the edge of their range when shooting at structures. They instead walk a little into turrets' weapon range so even if my units outrange the turrets my units get stupid so I have to manually move every unit slightly to get them in the perfect spot.
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  • XellosXellos Moderator XellosComments: 41
    That's interesting. What type of weapon makes such a problem? I am using cannons from time to time(Armageddon) and my robots always outrange turrets with bastion rocket launchers. However, when there are few of these turrets next to each other, it's a different story. If you will command your robots to attack bastion in the middle, you will probably get shot by turrets on the sides, so the attack direction is also important thing.
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  • Nathaniel BoltNathaniel Bolt Forum Expert Nathaniel BoltComments: 37 ✭✭✭✭
    Well with these guns my units should have 848 range. Turrets with bastion rockets have 820. My units outrange the turrets but its useless because I have to manually move units into range but just outside the turrets range and even then my units have low DPS and waste time shooting things like storage depots

    +50% range units lack firepower, armor, and speed. having the highest range should make them useful but because their AI is stupid they are less useful than any units before them. Im getting clobbered by anyone with a long range squad and I cant get mine to work. Its making me rage. I wont be able to win in an attack until i get a Dictator squad it seems. I will probably quit before then.
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  • Tom VandersypenTom Vandersypen Freshly on the board Tom VandersypenComments: 1
    well there is two options

    1 you have two diferent kind of weapons equied therefor they will move to the max range of the shortest range weapons

    2 there is holes in the opponents walls andd therefor the units will move towards that screwing up ai you can solve that by fast blasting a hole in the wall ;)
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  • Bob CookBob Cook Freshly on the board Bob CookComments: 3
    I have the same problem sometimes! My scarabs walk into fire, and do not stop at max range.
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