Changes to Energy and Recon points system

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Nathaniel BoltNathaniel Bolt Forum ExpertNathaniel BoltComments: 37 ✭✭✭✭
Since the energy system requires 10points to actually attack anyone the lowest common denominator is 10. There should be 1 Energy awarded every hour and 1 Energy to attack.
The maximum Energy capacity a player has should be increased to at least 8hours worth(people have to work, sleep, etc).

The recon points system also has a similar problem in the maximum amount to can store up is too low for people to actually sleep or go to work. Increase the maximum Recon Points to 8-12 so its actually reasonable.
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  • Elwood JarvisElwood Jarvis Forum Dweller Elwood JarvisComments: 9 ✭✭
    The recon issue is something I addressed earlier in another thread. While it isn't much of a margin between possible and impossible (as far as doing so without using real-time currency), it's still a bit of an issue. For example, say you have the Sentinel mission. This gives you one week to complete 120 tasks. Now, one week is 168 hours, so it should be entirely possible, right? FAR from it. It takes no consideration for having to sleep at night (an average of 8 hours), going to work (varies), or eating/drinking/going to the bathroom/etc. Suppose this takes away 10 hours of availability each day (which it probably does). That means we actually only have the time to complete 98 tasks, not nearly enough to get even the lower tiered Elites. Even then, there is no time to do so, as those 100-task-Elites only give 5 days time. So unless the idea is to completely destroy one's health just to get ONE MECH, it is virtually impossible to acquire any Elite mech without having to spend real money in order to even make the cut for one. In other words, the Elites are a Pay to Win factor to the game, a concept that most gamers (who normally play for the experience of the game, not the competitive aspect to progression) are commonly repelled by. It's why organizations such as Kixeye are looked down upon by former players of their games until progress only got worse. Take myself for instance. I used to play several Kixeye games several years ago. Eventually, however, I came to find myself stressed further and further along under the pressure of the Pay to Win concept that had become second nature to the games that Kixeye maintain. Two years ago, I'd had enough of the oppression and cut myself off of Kixeye games entirely and, to this day, have no desire to go back. Heck, I've even heard, nowadays, that they've gotten WORSE (something I didn't actually think was possible).
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