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Dear all,

considering I recently had the opportunity to talk in the Realm War chat with some top level players telling they're getting bored with the game (and this has been going on for a while already..), I asked them about the few things they would love to see introduced in the game to make it more interesting. Here are their first thoughts:

1) make things slightly cheaper in Realm War (pricing could be linked with with the sum of all covenant memebr's levels, or with the number of settlements, or with the total upgrade lvl of all settlements, etc.),

2) limit the number of cities, castles one can own (that is how the ally diplomacy could be developed even further),

3) keep Playkot employees out of the competitive game (unlikely, as then guys like myself or Dennis Scott Jr. who work there for free, would simply leave... I also play there as a regular player, have made it to the top levels in the long-term, work hard for my covenant by playing daily, etc.),

4) synchronise changes, make them happen at the same time on all platforms (people feel it is very unfair Russian servers know everything in advance and can therefore rule FB K:COH much easier, as they know everything in advance, know how things will work and can plan before, while others start learning only when Playkot launches the update),

5) change the ranking system of the normal game (this needs to be developed in more detail, please suggest!),

6) restart RW and open more areas to give smaller covenant more chance to compete and not get ruined in the first day (maybe introduce a certain covenant rank minimum for entering RW?? Any ideas?)

[Also,another idea (this, of course, requires deep analysis but maybe it can bring some added value to the game): it concerns the actual situation in RW and the fact that RW really favors only the big and strong ones really. And the idea has to do with the time one energy point takes to regenerate. It could be level related. For example: lvl15-25 needs 3hrs for one attack point to regenerate, lvl25-40 - 3,5hrs, and lvl40-60 - 4hrs... Regeneration time for reinforcement pts should however be equal to the lowest of the values: 3hrs for one point for everyone (so that smaller covenants don't take over stronger ones just because stronger ones cannot heal even if they're 100% active). The same could be done regarding the regular energy pts. All in all, it would motivate lower lvl players and slow down the development of top level players... What do you think?]

7) higher upgrades (for villages, cities, castles) should take more time to finish,

8) expand the game to water (I have myself sent quite a few ideas to Playkot..)

[just an idea: Playkot wants to give players access to the territory outside our kingdom's borders, so that players can decorate etc. But why not make added value out of that? We have for example this little area in our currently inaccessible area:

There are 4 guys around a fire and a shipwreck. And then on the campaign map you have something that looks like a port.

What if those four guys actually came from a distant land but were surprised by a storm... They could agree to get you there, if you did smth for them first (1-4 missions possible: those missions could also include slowly rebuilding the boat, getting different provisions, etc.) Then a whole journey can start with different stops and even bosses... Sea monsters, mermaids, dragons... Until players could make it to another land in the end (a possible continuation is left)...
Well, I just thought that many high lvl players can get bored by the game just because the campaign storyline has ended?

Well, that was just an idea, I could still elaborate the storyline if that sounds interesting at all... (and that way this outside area of our territory would really bring some added value).

One more thing:

I see that there are actually 4(!) locked missions on the actual campaign map: what if each of the 4 guys around the fire would give access to one of those missions? :)

9) With the next update Playkot really should block the access to RW map to those the are below lvl13 (or lvl10 if people need some more time to get acquainted with RW map). Why? There's no use of letting them in cos almost all they do is spam and swear in the RW chat while not being able to be in a covenant (and that is possible only after building cov tower at lvl15, as you know). Even when blocked, in many cases they just make another account and come back to do the same spamming and swearing. Now, setting lvl10-13 as a precondition for joining RW map and its chat would be a solution though! (even better than blocking IP addresses). If a player gets blocked and makes another account, he would still work his way up to lvl10-13 (and that takes some effort they, I suppose, won't be willing to take!). Don't you agree?

Please feel free to develop any of these ideas as well as elaborate new ones, which I shall forward to the developers, if those ideas are pertinent and duly justified. I will not forward unjustified ones ;)

Best Regards
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