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Hello dear community,

I would like to introduce you to few features that could be useful in the game. Before Titans, I was playing a lot of other online strategy games. This game has a lot of potential, so our task as a game community is to give developers a lot of good ideas about how Titans could be expanded and what features we would like to see in the game.

1. Hidden warehouse

Idea is very simple - it would be new building that could be upgraded up to level 10.
The task of this building would be to hide a certain amount of resources that could not be stolen by other players when our base gets destroyed:

lvl 1 - 500,000
lvl 2 - 1,000,000
lvl 3 - 1,500,000
lvl 4 - 2,000,000
lvl 5 - 2,500,000
lvl 6 - 3,000,000
lvl 7 - 3,500,000
lvl 8 - 4,000,000
lvl 9 - 4,500,000
lvl 10 - 5,000,000

A lot of new players doesn't stand a chance when defending against older players that already have advanced robots with powerful technology. This building would help to protect the goods in the base and make it easier to gather enough resources for a new robot, building upgrade or research.

2. Achievements

When we begin the game we have a set of tutorial missions which rewards us with resources when completed. Unfortunately, game does not offer us any specific objectives, only campaign against the ARMA corporation and attacking other bases.
Here is my idea of few 3-level achievements:

Destroy 100/500/2000 ARMA convoys

reward - 10%/20%/30% more resources gained for defeating convoys

Destroy 100/500/2000 player bases

reward - 10%/20%/30% less fuel cost to attack player bases(does not include revenge attacks)

Destroy 100/500/2000 enemy robots when defending

reward - 1/2/3 additional tesla traps available to build or 5%/10%/15% bonus armor for our headquarters

Destroy 100/500/2000 enemy turrets while attacking player bases(counted only for victory)

reward - 5/10/15 more seconds for attacking player bases

Research all weapon/armor/shield levels of one type in armory(for example - Fury rocket launcher from lvl 1 to 5)

reward - 10% less costs of installing these parts on robots

Research all turret weapons/armor/shield levels of one type in defense lab(for example - Arrow machine gun from lvl 1 to 5)

reward - 10% less costs of instaling these parts on turrets

Research all component levels of one type in component lab

reward - 10% less costs of installing these components on robots

Collect 10 elite robots

reward - additional recon drone slot

I think that such achievements would make the game a lot more interesting and encourage players to spend more time playing Titans. The rewards are just my example ideas, but I think it is fairly balanced. Additionally, players could be rewarded with badges after reaching the last stages of the 3-level achievements that could look like this:

3. Advanced technology lab

Another new building in which it would be possible to improve the efficiency of the parts used in our robots and base buildings. For example, we could upgrade hades rocket launcher(it must be researched first in the defense lab) up to 5 times. Each upgrade would give us additional 2% bonus damage. Few more examples to make it clear:

Robot weapons/Fury rocket launcher:

lvl 1 upgrade +2% damage
lvl 2 upgrade +4% damage
lvl 3 upgrade +6% damage
lvl 4 upgrade +8% damage
lvl 5 upgrade +10% damage

Robot armour/Composite armour:

lvl 1 upgrade +2% armor
lvl 2 upgrade +4% armor
lvl 3 upgrade +6% armor
lvl 4 upgrade +8% armor
lvl 5 upgrade +10% armor

Of course I would like to see more clan features and PvP content, but I am sure that everything will come in time.
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  • Nathaniel BoltNathaniel Bolt Forum Expert Nathaniel BoltComments: 37 ✭✭✭✭
    #1 Another Playkot game, Tropic Storm also has a structure for protecting resources. That had the problem that it protected a small amount of resources and a percentage of what was left. The problem? It didnt protect advanced resources and high percentages. I quit that game when i lost a huge store of rare Steel. Why do i bring that up? Because that was an exploit and in this game it could also be an exploit.

    5million resources may seem high, but just getting a level 5 HQ requires nearly 15million Gas, so that isnt enough protection. Also that means its another building that takes a long time to upgrade and paralyzes the rest of your building options.

    #2 Achievements serve no purpose unless they give some kind of rewards. I prefer achievements to give passive rewards so getting them isnt so much bragging rights, but an MMO quest to make mundane activities rewarding.

    The downside is that it means bonus rewards become a new tier players need to work for. For example, according to your ideas you have to win a huge amount of PVP defense battles to get more Tesla Traps.
    #3 Well those bonuses are minor and yet again, another building that wastes time and resources better spent on other things.

    Why not just let players put special components on turrets? Or make some new components like replace the Hawk with one that adds +5% range per level.
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  • Walter RobertoWalter Roberto Forum Speaker Walter RobertoComments: 21 ✭✭✭
    Love the achivements idea.
    I had also already sugested a building similar to special components but for defence, so it's a go ;)
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