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I'm thinking of 11 new components for weapons:

RUST: chemical subtance put rust on foe robot joints, hence slowing the robot.

GLUE: sticking some joints of the foe robot, he can only go straight forward or back or stop but can't change of direction.

BANANA SKIN (or OIL): the joints become slippery so the foe robot have erratic (random) moves.

EMI ARROW: electromagnetic interference make the foe robot go in a wrong direction when told to move.

TAP (or SAND GRAIN): one foe weapon is jammed and can't fire.

HOURGLASS: the foes weapons fire at a slow rate.

TOY FIRE: decrease the foes weapon damage.

BOOMERANG (or MIRROR or LOOPBACK): return his ammo against the foe.

LENS (or MAGNET): deflect (curve) trajectories of foe's ammo.(always the same way: to the right for instance)

CONVERTER: absorb energy of ammo to reload buckler (but let damage).

TERROR: when foe robot is hit by fire he goes back.

They can be active for a period of time increasing with the component level. Or the intensity of the effect increase with the level.

Thank you!
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