fair reward when base attacker defeated

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Jean-paul FollacaJean-paul Follaca Forum SpeakerJean-paul FollacaComments: 18 ✭✭✭

A base attacker when he succeeds can have hundreds of thousand of 3 DIFFERENT resources
plus points for ranking! ;)

When a base defender succeeds, he has 6 points of fuel and 0 points for ranking!!! :(

This is not fair (equitable) at all! :mad:

It is much more difficult to defend a static base automatically with no AI
(or algorithm of defense possible)
than attacking a base with mobility and real time brain control.

I think the defender could have the ranking points of the attacker if he had succeeded
plus a decent fuel bonus or more ranking points.

Or any other system of fair reward (credits? :rolleyes:)

It would be very cool!;)

Thank you!!!
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  • Nathaniel BoltNathaniel Bolt Forum Expert Nathaniel BoltComments: 37 ✭✭✭✭
    There should be more risk for attacking people instead of just notifying a player.

    Introduce a Karma meter so that the more someone harasses and steals the higher profile they become and the more resources they lose when attacked, even losing resources when they win a defense.
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