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ustinustin Titans DeveloperustinComments: 3 Developer
Hi everyone!
My name is Fyodor and I'm a game designer of the ‘Titans’ game from the very beginning of its development.

There were some reasons for this blog being delayed but finally it's here. We’ll keep updating this blog every 2 weeks along with in-game updates.

What's the purpose of this blog?

First, this blog is a place for honest and direct communication between players and developers. As ‘Titans’ game is available on several social networks, it's really hard to keep communication with all our players. So, feel free to ask any questions about our game and I'll try to answer them in the future blogposts.

Second, the game has accumulated a huge knowledge base, which isn't always available to the players. Why are robots the way they are? What is the purpose of different types of weapons, special components and elite robots? With each of new following operations and elite robots, we’ll try to tell you more about the ideas and the mechanics we implemented during the development.

One more point of this blog is a cooperative search of ideas to improve the game, to find a compromise between the players’ wishes and the developers’ needs.

Let's get back to the game. The most anticipated topic for both players and developers is the clans update. We really wanted to show you the first results in early March, but unfortunately for now I can only tell you about it here in this blog.

Earlier this year, the future of clans was a huge dilemma for us. There were many points of view, and even more feedback and suggestions from you. It was very difficult to decide and choose one of the options, but finally the choice was made in favor of a platform, which we can apply a variety of clan-based game mechanics on. Last month we were prototyping and assembling the best configuration of mechanics. I’ll tell you more about it in the next blogposts :)

Furthermore, the game has accumulated a lot of game design decisions, either well-executed or not, which are related to various aspects of the game: matchmaking, base defense, the campaign missions and strategic operations. Almost every implemented feature can be improved and, trust me, there are a lot of ideas how to do that. Another important task is the combination of new clan mechanics with the current one, and that’s why we’re planning to release all the updates step by step following the schedule we work on.

The last but not the least issue is a combination of big updates (e.g. clan interaction) with the support of the current game (new levels, robots, maps). Due to the limitation of time, it’s all about the choice: either new game content or new features. The contradictory ‘Titans’ development history demonstrates this principle clearly.

We really need your understanding about the previous operations restarts: it doesn’t mean we do nothing. It is a confirmation that we’re deep in the development of new functionality. We really want to give you the best game experience you wanna get :)

I’ll be glad to answer any questions you have related to this post. Feel free to ask them at this thread and stay tuned for the next blogpost :)
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  • Jake BarberJake Barber Freshly on the board Jake BarberComments: 1
    Hi I was wondering if there is future researchable tec and mechs coming?
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  • Joffre J. Camacho RieraJoffre J. Camacho Riera Freshly on the board Joffre J. Camacho RieraComments: 1
    Hi there, i would like to know if is it possible to work for ya?
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  • Daryl OehrDaryl Oehr Freshly on the board Daryl OehrComments: 1
    Is there any chance you could stop doing the insane cash-grab special bot events, or loosen up on the probe production times? At 1 probe an hour of production, for someone to get through the 130-ish missions they would have to barely sleep, eat or work for an entire week, so basically only the cashers have a real chance of getting them. Some of us see this as flat-out insulting, and greedy.
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  • Jean-paul FollacaJean-paul Follaca Forum Speaker Jean-paul FollacaComments: 18 ✭✭✭

    I find your idea of sharing ideas with developers very cool!

    For the moment, I put my ideas in SUPPORT and HELP under features suggestions.

    Maybe it would be fine to merge the two sections to have only one place to discuss new features.

    Thank you!
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  • Johan PrinslooJohan Prinsloo Freshly on the board Johan PrinslooComments: 1
    I agree with Daryl, should you not skip missions it will definately test human capability to its limits. Problem is instead of looking forward to special events,the realization of the daunting task picked up easily by just a quick glance I'm hesitant to even begin with the operation and is discouraging,adding to that the lack of available options to the players for those unplanned events and when things dont go as planeed, which is what happens most of the time. Should I start the "ritual" and after 3 days I figure I'm not going to make it anymore in time and the only option available to save the day and the grind of the past 3 day is to "skip" missions to get to the final chapter which is NOT really an option at this moment, I'll get close to jumping of a bridge.

    As an example, the special bot but can be purchased for x amount of credits (FULL PRICE) Then you recieve x amount credits discount for completing each of the mission chapters. The more chapters you finish before time runs out the less you will have to pay in to aquire the special bot and non of your effort will be for granted.

    Such a "failsafe" option will encourage players to participate in events no matter how humanly impossible it is because every player will feel that aquiring the grand reward which is the special bot is highly possible as it greatly depends on the players effort level during the event rather than a inhuman amounts of "tasks" that HAVE to be completed to be successful.

    Any effort deserves reward, most gamers expect that by default.If such an option is available that can guarantee reward for input and effort it will add flexibility to the event and will thus cater for the WHOLE player base and events will become hugely successfull because players feel they are encouraged to participate and give it their best effort because it is equally rewarded.
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  • Sean CoughlinSean Coughlin Forum Dweller Sean CoughlinComments: 8 ✭✭
    Was wondering if elite specials/weapons will ever become researchable, like the ion cannon, ion ray, emp shocker or flamethrowers.
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  • Walter RobertoWalter Roberto Forum Speaker Walter RobertoComments: 21 ✭✭✭
    long time since we had any news. What's up guys? Where are the clans and other upgrades???
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