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Hi guys!

I’ve got to say I received an impressively large amount of replies to my first post. About half the messages were questions about the current game and the other half were suggestions for its development.
I know that in the forum in the official community there are topics especially for suggestions but if you really want to write one in the blog, go right ahead.
I’ll kick things off some news about development. It’s been two weeks but we’re still without a clan update… Still, we’ve used that time to test several ideas and suggestions. Here’s what we tested:
  • Bosses (colossal killer machines that fire several main weapons at once that can summon their robot minions and can be destroyed part by part;
  • Upgrade tree for clans (160 upgrades!);
  • A single world map for the game server + a complete concept for the world as a whole;
  • Storylines for the 3-star campaign missions, where not only brute force is needed but also speed and tactical skills;
  • ARMA Corporation structures;
  • Speed increases for mechs and weapon modifications;
  • Defense system for burst fire (covers a large area, explodes);
  • Walls as defensive structures (for bases too);
  • Clan reinforcement mechs (for clan coop missions you can send 3 mechs that can be deployed at any time during the battle and next to any of your own robots; these robots act independently and attack whichever targets they choose themselves);
  • Synchronized PvP (online-battle “squad vs squad” for two players);
  • Coop mode for completing missions (where two or more squads from different players can be deployed onto one map to fight together);
  • New types of resources;
  • Repair for mechs instead of fuel and removal of the weight limit of a squad;
  • Different battle landscapes: water (you can’t go through it but can shoot over it), cliffs (you can’t shoot over them or go through them), bridges, roads, etc.;
  • Map editor upgrade, automatization utilities, pathfinding.

​But it’s not as simple as that.

In the first post I wrote that the game has ended up with a list of problems that spoil the game experience for players. Now, after 2 months of developing the clan system, the team has realized that anything new that we create (no matter how awesome!) would be pointless unless we fix the most serious issues with the game.

Likewise, having gone through hundreds of messages to the support team and official groups, we’ve collected feedback on the game that told us we have dedicated fans and it’s their issues that we intend to solve first of all.
(Guys, everyone who wrote about loading 95%, about their base being destroyed time and time again by 6 Osiris mechs, about the overly complicated strategic missions, about the lack of aims for the clans, about the lack of new levels, mechs, campaign expansions, etc – you’re who I’m talking about! Thank you for playing Titans and taking the time to give us such valuable feedback!)

A lot of items on the list would be great if we could implement them but the majority of excellent ideas are incompatible with the current version of the game. It could all be done as fun features for an alternative version of Titans.

As such, thanks almost exclusively to you, we’ve drawn up a plan to reload the game with the following features:
  • Base: (should be interesting to defend, develop, choose tactics, express individuality);
  • Battle (new types of weapons, real tactical features for mechs and defensive structures for more fun and adrenaline);
  • Support from clanmates (and a similar alternative for players not in a clan);
  • Leagues for players based on rating with “valuable rewards”;
  • Active special abilities for battles (how to research, upgrade and use them during battles);
  • Unique components, robots and events;
  • A solution to the question of “fuel or repair”, that would add interest to battles and bring a compromise between “donators” and active players.

The first two problems in the queue are: an interesting base and clan reinforcements. At this point I’ll write some short answers to some of your questions.
  • When will there be new types and levels of buildings?

    New types of building are a priority for us. We’re currently working on balancing base defense and want to add some new functional buildings to the game. New levels aren’t coming very soon but we have a solution to the most difficult problem – the squadron weight limit for a level 10 Mission Control.
  • When will there be a campaign expansion?

    Sadly, not soon. But we do have some ideas for making the current missions replayable with a 3 star system.

  • When will balance be fixed for defense/attack?

    That’s exactly what we’re working on right now. Balance isn’t the only thing though, as we need to make bases more interesting with different types of weapons, tactical defensive options and functional buildings.
  • Operation difficulty, their alternative types, variety in the missions and adapting operations to match players’ progress (for higher level players, the easy operations are pointless):

    Unfortunately this is not a priority issue at the moment. We have a solution for adapting operations to match a player’s progress and (but not on the whole server at once), which will allow players to earn the exact elite mechs he needs. Likewise, we are considering putting all mechs into a single progress tree.
  • Will there be a storage for elite components (so that removing a component from a mech doesn’t make it disappear but will instead send it to a separate storage)?

    We considered this idea and we came up with a prototype. On the one hand it’s interesting because the mech-customization aspect of the game becomes more involving. On the other hand, elite robots would lose their individuality. There’ll probably be a compromise: components for elite robots that were created especially for them (for example the Sentinel’s Ion Ray) cannot be removed but there will be some kind of elite weapon storage.
  • What can be done in clans and when? What will happen with clan ratings, statistics and ranks?

    This is another thing we’re already working on. We have a good prototype for clan reinforcement mechs, which can be deployed during any battle (I mentioned them in the list of ideas at the start of this post). This will be the basis for all clan interactions.
    Players' statistics: it’s coming soon too because we know it’s important.
    Ranks: we could put them in as a formality but we think it’s better to wait until there’s an actual need for a rank system.
    Clan rating and prizes: this is another burning question and we’re looking for a solution.

  • Unit control in battles, more interesting maps:

    We have several prototypes: We’ll finalise them and gradually phase them into the game. But first of all we’re going to complete the work we’re doing on bases.
  • Matchmaking issues (selection of enemies on the map):

    We know about this problem and how to solve it. Since it’s a burning issue for many players, we’ll try to split it into solving serious issues (three opponents on one map, too big difference in levels between players and opponents) and scheduled reform.
  • When will the 95% loading issue be solved?

    This is a complicated problem, associated with the data caching (in part, not fully loaded textures) on several different stages of data transfer at once: browsers, game platforms, flash player and our servers. We are systematically handling various aspects of this issue and continue to work on it.

That’s all for now! The next post will be in two weeks! Thanks for your feedback! :)
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  • Derren GamDerren Gam Freshly on the board Derren GamComments: 1
    om can you do somthing about the monolith? somthing like we can delete it before resource depeleted. they're ruining my base shape
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  • Jean-paul FollacaJean-paul Follaca Forum Speaker Jean-paul FollacaComments: 18 ✭✭✭
    Hello Fyodor and the team!
    I found a lot of good things in this post!

    I think several ranking boards could be implemented:
    one for best base attackers (wich exists)
    one for best base defenders
    one for best AVENGERS
    one for players vs players
    one for clans vs clans (i'm not involved in clans for the moment)
    at least.

    And trophys and rewards must be equilibrated (defenders have no points, no resources etc...)
    I don't know if success in defending the base is costing points to attacker (i'm not convinced of this)

    Plus a log of stats and replay for REVENGE would be very cool!

    A specific building for weapons storage could be created: dock weapons. With the same structure as dock mechs: one slot for mechs and one for elites. So, when we remove weapons during tests they go to the dock and we can equip any mech later instead of loosing them.
    We can do the same for components in this building or another one.

    We could mine and carry resources far from our base
    to convert them into materials for mechs (steel, titanium, composites):
    we could have our convoyswith mechs carriers and mechs escort.
    or trade one kind of resource to have another one in special towns or in clans.
    We could have a system for building and defending pipelines too

    For the time of loading, I've noticed that some cookies are increasing loading time or blocking it:
    for instance double click. And i think some other pests for loading can remain in the profile directory
    or in the cache: sometimes it's good to flush it (I use firefox).

    I hope that about the reduction of time for the base you're going to separate modifying from enhancing:
    it's a terrible bottleneck.

    Thank you for your work, efforts and staying tuned for the pleasure of players!
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  • Luis Blizzardo FelipeLuis Blizzardo Felipe Forum Dweller Luis Blizzardo FelipeComments: 2 ✭✭
    That's rly nice of U guys! I mean, hardly a game (or their intelectual property) fix major errors before adding new stuff (some may know who I'm talking about ;P...) anyways, both defense upgrades, PvP and Rank are by far, at lest IMHO, the best things mentioned here. I just wanted to say this: about the ranked matches (Player vs Base or PvP) ya'll could consider putting ranks not based on number total victories from every single player but by level. Like, tiers and all. If you choose to go ranked, only can go against ppl of the same lvl (or 2 higher/below maybe?). Then you'll have TITLES like "Best LEVEL 30 Player". Dunno if the points reset after leveling up but it's just a option, just a option...
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  • Nathaniel BoltNathaniel Bolt Forum Expert Nathaniel BoltComments: 37 ✭✭✭✭
    1 "removal of the weight limit of a squad" That is the only thing change I saw that is good. Mechs have limited slots which makes unlocking and building higher tiers practical, but limited weight ruins things. It puts several additional limiters. It took me a ridiculously long time to go from Anacondas to Dictators and it will take about 2 more months to unlock the Titan.

    2 Mechs shouldnt have a repair time especially if that costs resources. Limiting how many times you can be attacked at your base is one thing as that means you cant be raided setting your back in resources, or bullied until you quit the game. Limiting how many much a person can attack and therefore PLAY THE GAME is a bad idea. A repair time on mechs used to attack in PVP would be fair as there arent any penalties. You can attack another player until you win and you lose nothing if you fail.

    3 There are far too much building and the combat isnt interesting enough. Combat is right now just for earning resources. Developing a storyline and campaign are far more important than just generic combat. What year does this game take place? What is the ARMA Corporation and why are you as the player fighting them?

    4 For building you should remove the limit that prevents players from building or upgrading multiple items concurrently. For Example, upgrading turrets is extremely tedious because you have up to 8 of them. Oh yes you also have Depots, T-depots, and other structures which makes anything over 5minutes boring. When upgrades start taking over 24hours its just unnecessarily painful and means skipping important structures to "power level" is faster.
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  • Walter RobertoWalter Roberto Forum Speaker Walter RobertoComments: 21 ✭✭✭
    are these changes taking place anytime soon??
    What we could really use is more squads. Let us upgrade HQ to lvl 10, so we unlock another 5 or 6 squads. There are so many different combinations, and after we've played for a while, so many elites, that it would be fun to chose.
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