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ladies and gentlemen,
after changing that you made in game the action of magic have changed also - although the description remains the same; for example the action of a shock seismic -Must stunned an enemy soldier for two times, when applied the program marks a motionless opponent but it is not-all types of soldiers after applying to them this magic are in the state to continue fighting in the usual order;
also operates the acceleration - when applied shows the acceleration (for some players is a x 2 double move ) but when one make the first move the second despaired and appeared old the sequence;
so it is not clear how is calculated the move rate for example mentalists and shooting towers - arithmetically every second move it must be double but in fact it is not ;
Please considered all a.m. questions and let us know what will be the changers and what is just a mistake
thank you in advance
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  • Indriķis SīpolsIndriķis Sīpols Moderator Indriķis SīpolsComments: 219 Moderator
    Hello, George,

    thank you for your message. I have a feeling that you have used Google Translate to translate your message into English language. Am I right? :) I am asking this as, to be honest, the message is quite hard to understand.

    If I am getting this right, you're talking about the game after the recent update, more specifically about changes that affected how magic and spells work in the game.

    First of all, you're asking about the spell called "Seismic shock". It is used to stun enemies for 1-2 turns and do some magic damage to them (depending on your magic level). And you wonder why several units still move after this spell has been cast on them, right? Well, one solution that I see, is that you don't know that there are actually units that are immune to stun, fear, mind control, healing... For example Spearletons, Ghost Minotaur, Headless Horseman, Barbarian and some other units CAN NOT be stunned. Maybe you happened to face some of those units and tried to use Seismic shock on them? If so, it is pointless (except for the little damage the spell does) as those units are immune to stun as it is written in their description ;)

    Secondly, I have a feeling that you're trying to talk about the spell called "Hastening". Is that correct? Well, you have to consider that this spell increases unit initiative only for a determined amount of turns. When it disappears, turns are recalculated on the basis of unit initiative values. However, you're right about some units getting 2x turns while other units can move only once (example: if you cast hastening on your unit and that unit gets 200 initiative, while the enemy unit only has 100 initiative, you'll be able to move twice while the enemy moves only once).

    However, if I am wrong and you would like to get into more detail, would you maybe have an English speaking friend who could help you with writing your messages so that they're easily understandable and we can understand every single aspect of your question?

    Indriķis Sīpols
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