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ustinustin Titans DeveloperustinComments: 3 Developer
Hi everyone!
Thank you for the detailed feedback! :)

News item #1: An “invisible,” but important update is coming in the near future that will change the way matchmaking works:
  • Players will now be matched with other players who are up to three levels above or below them (it used to be five to ten levels).

  • The top 1,000 players on the leaderboard will be matched with each other while minimizing level differences.

  • Players with different levels of development will have different limits on “incoming” attacks within a 24-hour period. In the current version the limit is five attacks in a 24-hour period, but after the update it will range from three to seven.
Why are we doing this? First of all, we want to make player rankings as mobile as possible; second, matching players with similar levels makes the game more interesting. Most of the feedback we’ve received has touched on these two issues in particular.

News item #2: In the next “visible” update (which will be available in about two weeks) you can expect a serious reform of the “game nucleus.” A detailed list of improvements with explanations will be published in a separate illustrated post, but for now I will describe what we’re preparing in general terms:
  • Attacking enemy bases with the “three star” system: all you have to do to win is earn at least one star (you get one star for destroying the HQ, two for 50% base HP, and three for completely destroying the base).

  • Earning resources regardless of winning conditions: in order to earn resources you need to attack depots, resource-gathering structures, and the HQ. Resources can be earned even if the attacking side is defeated.

  • The construction space on the base will be divided into smaller squares (one current square will equal four new squares). As a result, you will have more freedom in how you place your structures. The rules for powering structures will remain the same.

  • The HQ can now be moved like any other building.

  • Tesla Traps will now take up one small square (they currently take up four large squares), and it will be possible to place them right next to each other, thus increasing their firepower.

  • Bases will now have Walls. One wall section will take up one small square.

  • Attaching and changing defense objects (plating, cannons, energy fields) will now happen instantly and will not depend on the construction queue.

  • Forests will now slow down the movement of robots. This is the first change within the framework of a more realistic game space.

About your questions:
  • Fuel vs. Repairs

    We aren’t going to make any hasty decisions regarding the fuel vs. repairs problem. We will base our solution on the following principles: the new mechanic should make the game more interesting, and not cut off in-game activity; it should reward skilled players for fighting effectively and punish mistakes; the number of battles in a 24-hour period should be enough for full-fledged play; no group of players (including paying players and hardcore players) should get a radical advantage when using the new mechanic.

  • Squad Weight Limit

    We aren’t going to make any major changes here either. First of all, Titans will feature a lot of rare and lighter components as time goes on, and second, squad management is an important aspect of the game. One possible solution would be to require players to pay more to deploy a very heavy squad into battle.

  • Game Improvement Recommendations

    We get a lot of suggestions about how to improve the game, and we look into virtually all of them and research how they might fit into our current plans. I’m going to publish a full list of upcoming changes in the near future so we can discuss it together and make it better. Thanks!
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  • Jean-paul FollacaJean-paul Follaca Forum Speaker Jean-paul FollacaComments: 18 ✭✭✭
    Hello Fyodor and the team!

    A lot of elements seem interesting:
    More precision in positioning buildings, movable HQ and instant (or short time) defense modifications are super!
    Separating levels into categories with small differences sounds great to my ears.

    I worry a little about earning resources for the attacker even he is defeated:
    First, when attacking depot or mining structure I hope that the attacker can't steal all the stock but a tenth max. If the fact of defeating attacker can't prevent loose of resources I think a lot more players will loose interest in building and upgrading defenses if they prevent nothing!

    If walls exist, is it planned to design ballistic mechs to fire above them or not?

    Waiting impatiently for the mods and list of future changes!

    Thank you!
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  • These are agood news
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  • ustinustin Titans Developer ustinComments: 3 Developer
    Hi Jean-paul, thank you for your feedback! I'm glad to hear you're waiting for the update :)

    1) We're not sure how many resources the defending player will loose in such a situation and what it will depend on. It's being discussed, so when we decide I'll tell about it here in the blog.

    2) Yep, we're going to create such robots. At this time, 'Yeti' and 'Bumblebee' have such an opportunity to fire above the walls btw :)
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