Dev Blog #5 (The big update)

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Hey, guys!

Here's a detailed description of the latest update. You haven’t heard from me in a while because I’ve been busy getting this large update ready. Unfortunately, this blog doesn’t contain any answers to all the questions you’ve submitted. I’m going to give you a list (without any explanations) of all the changes contained in the update.

Changes list:
  • The number of spaces for construction on bases has been reduced, so you can now place structures more efficiently.

  • There are now walls in the game (ten levels, with a maximum of 70 sections) that significantly improve base defense. Walls appear instantly, but they depend on the build queue. You can’t build walls and upgrade other buildings at the same time, but you can build walls without having to go back to the construction menu.

  • A mechanic has been developed that allows you to upgrade multiple walls at once, but it won’t be added until later.

  • Defensive components can be installed on buildings independently of the build queue. The cost to install components has been increased, but now the installation process is completed instantaneously.

  • The building menu has also been changed, by the way. In future updates you will be able to view installed defensive components without going to the upgrade menu.

  • The rules for powering buildings have been adapted for the smaller squares and slightly expanded. The cables between buildings are no longer displayed.

  • Matchmaking has been changed – all players will now be matched with other players who are within three levels of themselves. There may be exceptions for the highest-ranked players (the top 1,000). In order to get opponents based on the new rules, you’ll have to get rid of your old ones first.

  • Tesla traps take up one square and can be placed right next to each other.

  • You can earn up to three stars when destroying enemy bases. You always get one star for destroying the HQ. The other stars are earned for destroying a certain number of turrets and depots (including T-depots) on an individual basis for each player.

  • The conditions for winning and losing have been adapted. A player wins a base battle when they earn at least one star. It doesn’t matter how many of their robots survive. A player loses when they fail to earn at least one star within a certain period of time.

  • The way player rankings are increased and decreased has changed. Destroying a base moves you up two ranks, and earning other stars moves you up one rank per star. When you lose as a defender, each star earned by your opponent drops you down one rank (up to -3 ranks).

  • The base battle interface and preview have been changed. In addition to the three-star system, information about players’ clan membership status has been added.

  • There is a new mechanic for earning resources in base battles: you need to destroy resource-gathering buildings, depots, and the HQ. If the attacker earns three stars, they automatically collect all available resources.

  • The rules for losing resources when defending have been adapted to the attacker's conditions for collecting them.

  • All objects (robots and buildings) within two squares of the edge of a building will now take splash damage when the building is destroyed. The HQ has an especially large explosion, so watch out! You can find specific values in the building upgrade menu.

  • A new approach has been taken to weapon specializations: missiles for large-scale area damage (they're great at breaking walls), cannons for long-range precision shots, and machine guns for massive damage to a single target.

Please keep in mind that there might be balance changes in this and future updates (durability, damage, shield capacity, etc.) in connection with the process of adapting to the new three-star battle system. We're trying to make it so that these changes are as painless as possible and have a positive effect on the game’s overall fun-factor.

A few minor changes:
  • The cost of revenge is now ten units of fuel.
  • The maximum duration of base battles is now five minutes.
  • There are fewer monoliths on bases – ten rather than fifteen.
  • There is no longer any technical limitation on the level of strike groups. I’ve heard they can reach level 53.
  • The maximum base level is 41. A few changes have been made to the way experience is earned.
  • Robots are slowed down when moving through forests. The denser the forest, the more they are slowed down.
  • Empty staging grounds on bases no longer represent impassible obstacles for the attacker’s robots.
  • The durability of the 'Titan' and similar elite units has been increased. This includes the 'Yeti' and 'Overlord'.
  • Cannons can shoot through multiple objects. Check the cannon tooltip for more details.
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  • Sidney VictorSidney Victor Freshly on the board Sidney VictorComments: 2
    Hi! You should make a way to move multiple walls after selection! We can't put the pieces behind a monolith for instance.
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  • Bill TangBill Tang Forum Dweller Bill TangComments: 10 ✭✭
    Can the cannons shoot through the walls?
    You said forests slow down the bots but i have already cut down all forests around. why don't you replant them?
    Will i lose resources if a raider shoots at my empty uranium mines or gas rifts?
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  • Jean-paul FollacaJean-paul Follaca Forum Speaker Jean-paul FollacaComments: 18 ✭✭✭
    I have the same problem as Bill: no trees around my base! So there should be a system to make trees grow and enlarge automatically in zones even if they are destroyed by player.

    I don't understand when you say all the resources will be stolen. I hope it's not more than ten percent of each resource or it will become unplayable if we are attacked several times.

    I think placing walls in construction queue is not a good plan, when upgrading HQ we have to wait several days before building walls so we are totally vulnerable during this time.

    Thank you.
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  • Sidney VictorSidney Victor Freshly on the board Sidney VictorComments: 2
    BILL: the cannons are shooting through walls.
    FYODOR: See this image about placing the wall behind a Monolith. It's seems to be impossible.
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  • Bill TangBill Tang Forum Dweller Bill TangComments: 10 ✭✭
    i have seen someone who deployed two rings of walls. the HQ is certainly inside the inner ring, while all the other turrets and probably some of his critical resource storage are kept between the inner ring and the outer ring.
    The rest of the buildings are outside, with the uranium mines and gas rifts detached from monoliths
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  • Bill TangBill Tang Forum Dweller Bill TangComments: 10 ✭✭
    BILL: the cannons are shooting through walls.
    FYODOR: See this image about placing the wall behind a Monolith. It's seems to be impossible.

    looks like the shields have to be anti-cannons....
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  • Bill TangBill Tang Forum Dweller Bill TangComments: 10 ✭✭
    under the new games settings looks like players with a squad of 6 hammers are at apparent advantage
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  • Walter RobertoWalter Roberto Forum Speaker Walter RobertoComments: 21 ✭✭✭
    now that revenge costs 10 fuel, we should get max 10 fuel from killing enemy mechs.
    Is it possible to see a defensive win under the new rules? I haven't. A successful defence should also be rewarded with resources from the attacker.

    Great job on this update guys, the game is more fun now. Can't wait for clans to start.
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  • Bill TangBill Tang Forum Dweller Bill TangComments: 10 ✭✭
    Any modification of armor, shields or weapons on existing bots cannot be done while the factory is constructing a new bot. This is one of the most annoying game design i supposed
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  • Scott TaylorScott Taylor Freshly on the board Scott TaylorComments: 1
    Care to explain why this happens? It happens a lot since the newest update and makes no sense.
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  • Nathaniel BoltNathaniel Bolt Forum Expert Nathaniel BoltComments: 37 ✭✭✭✭
    1 PVP has been broken after after Anaconda/grizzlies/salamanders got replaced by Dictators/Osiris/Hammers/Titans when you get to the higher units. Units have higher maximum weight, DPS, and shields and armor depending on how you equip tjem. The turret AI is also really stupid as decoys such as Osiris mechs with double Photon Shields easily distract them allowing other attacker units to focus fire and destroy the turrets.

    2 Example, A hades rocket level 3 has 65dps, a Hammer with 3 Armageddon cannons and Bezerker(isnt is supposed to be Berzerker?) has about 100dps times 5 units easily takes down Turrets, and shield protection is not useful because the Valkyrie component gives up to a 25% damage boost Vs shields..

    3 The new walls are pointless as Cannons ignore them, and Rockets damaged multiple sections because of splash damage. That's not mentioning that upgrading all the walls becomes more expensive than upgrade anything else in your base.
    Its ridiculously easily to just use the exploits in the game to win with little effort.

    4 Really none of these problems aside from the walls are new. The game becomes heavily unbalanced in the favor of units by the time of the Dictator.

    5 I still dont know why PVP participation is mandatory. For me its just a waste of time upgrading and modifying my defenses rather than unlocking new weapons, components, and mechs. Ive unlocked everything possible for the Turrets so any more structure research are only useful for the HQ.
    My suggestions

    1 If you want to balanced the game, turrets at high levels need some major upgraded. Raise their maximum weight, allow them to carry multiple weapons(lets say 2-3), give them accessory slots. and fix the AI so its not targeting the decoys.

    2 And let players turn off PVP attacks if they dont want to participate. This isnt exclusively a PVP game.

    3 You developers could actually focus on the PVE element more like different terrains, a story to the game, and other things rather than just add Walls.
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  • Bill TangBill Tang Forum Dweller Bill TangComments: 10 ✭✭
    each time my base gets hit i get a few fuel from the fallen bots.
    however it gets hit by a few hostiles out there and yet i only get a few of them, probably from those attacked me the most recently.
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  • Bones John BerubeBones John Berube Forum Dweller Bones John BerubeComments: 8 ✭✭
    When attacking the only number of stars that should be considered a victory is 3, anything less should be a defeat.

    As a defender preventing anything except a 3 star should be a victory.
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  • Luis Blizzardo FelipeLuis Blizzardo Felipe Forum Dweller Luis Blizzardo FelipeComments: 2 ✭✭
    Isn't the wall supposed to be undestructible or something? Seems isn't working since ppl always destroy my walls...
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