Tracking friend help

0 Comments·Started 09 May 2016 09:11 AM
Indriķis SīpolsIndriķis Sīpols ModeratorIndriķis SīpolsComments: 219 Moderator

we all want our friends to help and we want to know who really helps and deserves our clicks in return, don't we?
Therefore I imagined that we could forward to the developers the following suggestion:

could they introduce statistics showing how many clicks have your friends made on your buildings during the past 7 days?

And they could be listed in order of activity. Thus, when we're doing our daily helping rounds we would know who to visit in the first place!!!

Also, I thought, if we automatically click next while helping friends it should first take us to lower level friends to support their development rather than to our top level friends.

What do you think of that all? Interesting?

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