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Somtirtha MajumderSomtirtha Majumder Freshly on the boardSomtirtha MajumderComments: 0
I am from india, (You know the country with Taj Mahal)
and i have an internet connection with up to 4MBPS speed. i.e. on average i will get 512kbps (4000 divided by 8 equals to 512) browsing speed. Its pretty fast, hope you understand that already.
Despite this i am frequently facing these two following problems,

1. Lost of TITAN server connection just after winning over an enemy base. Giving rise to loss of 10 fuel only. NO STARS and NO RESOURCE.

2. When switching between BASE to RAID or VICE-VERSA its getting STUCK after 95% LOADING. (I am using Mozilla FireFox, 4GB RAM, intel i5 processor and 1GB VRAM)

3. Sometimes the message, PLUGIN CONTAINER FAILURE appears and then it disappears automatically.
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