Base Defense Ideas

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Just a couple of base defense ideas:

- Make Shroud generators a building option so people can't scout our base completely before attacking. Upgrade to different levels for increased range.

- Base defense squadrons. You can post one of your squadrons to defend your base when you're not in game. You can set squadron to seek and destroy or stand down so they only attack when enemy gets within range.

- Increased ranges on turrets or researchable range extension options on turrets.

- Additional weapons slots on the headquarters building. Shoud be able to mount at least two weapons on that building. Add more levels to headquarters like to up level 7 at least with additional features.

- Terrain building trenches, moats, building debris, rocks, hills, craters, etc.....

- Add increasable viewing speed option to the "watch replay" feature so we don't have to watch at normal speed.

- Inceaed levels to the tesla traps. Make them upgradable to level 5 at least.

- Buildings should be able to use more than one sheild type at level 10.

That's alll for now.
Thanks, :D
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