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Just a couple of Raid ideas:

I don't know how everyone else feels but personally I think the raids are extremely boring. You play through the same boring missions over and over again until you get to the end to win a single prize. Here are a couple of ideas to spruce them up a bit:

- Make the raids against a cool enemy. Have them use mechs and technology we've never seen before or don't have access to.

- Make the raids into different levels and missions so that we can earn points during the raids instead of completing missions. Make the levels and missions playable more than once. Make each mission or level a different point value and difficulty. This will make the raids playable for all levels of players. Keep the raids in a timeframe duration like they currently are but make it so we can earn points during the raid. We would have 6 days to earn as many points as we possibly can. We can then use those points to trade in towards different elite prizes that are offered.

- Offer more than one prize during the raids. Offer multiple mech types, weapon types, armor types, special components new turrets, turret armors, sheilds and special components, etc. Make the prizes tiered so that all levels of players can benefit. For example have 3 different cannon types available, one for lower level players, one for medium level players and one for higher level players.

- Make raid prizes elite but make them items we can build more than one of rather than limit us to just one. If I earn a weapon type during a raid, I want to be able to use that weapon type on any mech that I build and on as many mechs as I build. If I earn an elite mech blueprint, I want to be able to build more than one.

- Please please please come up with some new landscapes for raids. I keep seeing the same landscapes over and over's boring.

That's all for now.
Thanks, :D
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