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Dario WilkowskiDario Wilkowski Forum DwellerDario WilkowskiComments: 11 ✭✭
I've just started that game and got to admit i love it so far. Ive played few games and this one offer nice PVP and PVE good job.
Was wondering if at any point you planing to add Drones(Air Mechs). That would add new level of tactics required and as I believe all games even those with giant robots should have some Air for support or even strategical strikes. That could work as separate strike force placed on Airfield or Drone launcher.
Would be such a good thing to see new level of tactics by using air units.
What do you think guys about the idea of Air added to the game.

Would you like to have Drones / Air ? 4 votes

Oh yea would be awesome
Walter RobertoDario WilkowskiFranco Garlitos 3 votes
No way no Air
Don't bother
Anastasiia_Nesterova 1 vote
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