new rules for number of base attacks

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Jean-paul FollacaJean-paul Follaca Forum SpeakerJean-paul FollacaComments: 18 ✭✭✭

The number of attacks against a player's base could be related simply

to the number of attacks of this player against other players.

For instance:

- One attack per week for people who is never attacking the others.

- Each time a player is attacking another, a counter is incremented
so this player can be attacked, with no limit by day,
and his counter decremented, until it reaches 0
(then the rule before applies).

Revenge is not counted as an attack (Talion's law).

This to avoid harrassment of players who don't attack others and

like only to build a base, attack convoys, play missions and events.

And above all, to avoid impunity of players attacking the others a lot

(imagine 5 minutes per attack, plus a few for seeking preys, during one day!)

and being attacked only a few times.

I think this would better balance the game.

Thank you!
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