Pay-to-win sucks, or "How I Tried to Get the Game Staff to Play Fair"

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Nathaniel BoltNathaniel Bolt Forum ExpertNathaniel BoltComments: 37 ✭✭✭✭
Ok now with the game officially a Pay-to-win model for the attacker Im bringing these all up again.

#1 Mercenaries is bad idea like any other game where you get to pay cash for powerful units. This is a scam for game makers to change things so bribing them with real world cash determines who wins.

#2 Titans still needs the ability to SHUT OFF PVP through player choice. Some people like it, some people dont, but you dont even give people the FREEDOM to choose. That very much anti-Democratic. I havent even seen any logical argument to have PVP in the game. Some people just want to steal from other people. What Am I going to do, call the Internet Police to stop thieves?

#3 Combat is very unbalanced. Units end up with greater firepower, durability, weight limitations than turrets as well as access to additional power ups like bonus damage against shields. Human players can also simply outsmart the stupid AI defense by using decoys like Tigers, or Osiris with double shields or just have 6 units all attack each turret one-by-one while turrets fire at whatever they lock-on to. Did I already mention the AI is stupid?

#4 "Mommy, why are the buildings made of dynamite?" Why do buildings explode now? That has no positive for the defender when your buildings have a Domino Effect so destroying a building makes everything else around it also explode or at the least take heavy damage. Also, why dont units take damage from this? This is a ONE-SIDED arrangement to make attacking better.
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  • Dario WilkowskiDario Wilkowski Forum Dweller Dario WilkowskiComments: 11 ✭✭
    indeed all mercs including elite should be accessible through in game currency for higher price then regular and gold should be just optional for those who dont like to spend in game currency for it.
    same as mechs are way stronger then turrets there's no logic behind it.
    Finally exploding building make no sense for base def, as u wont protect your base from even 1 star as u got to spread all to not get dmg from own buildings wired.
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