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I have a couple more requests for base defense.

1) Please change the AI on base defense turrets so that they attack the closest enemy target firing on them. It's bad enough that some mechs outrange most defense turrets but this whole sending in a decoy 💩 so that my less than intelligent turrets follow it while other mechs fire on my base in safety is just plain BS. They should be firing on the closest enemy target's common sense. And since I can't actually control my base during an attack and tell my turrets to force fire on targets, it should be an automatic deduction made by the AI. Players are capitalizing on what I think is a pretty big glitch oversight.

2) As mentioned above, how about when someone attacks my base, let me witness that action and and actually control my defenses??? This should have been an in game feature from day one. Base defense AI has no intelligence apparently....I would manage my resources during a base attack a lot different than your AI currently does.

3) Offer undetectable traps as a build option for base defense. Land mines, EMP traps, etc.

4) Add special component slots to the turrets.

5) From the attackers perspective, offer 4 additional attack vectors from diagonal directions. You should be able to attack a base from any direction, not just four.

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