The Force Stones (6/9/16)

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Greetings and good day to ye!

We proudly present - the Force Stones.

Force Stones are powerful artefacts you can use to strengthen your troops.

As soon as the update goes live, you’ll be able to use them to improve any of your soldiers from the Arsenal (except Militiamen, Mercenaries and Rangers). In future we plan to extend the usage of Force Stones to all other units as well as for “levelling up” your Covenant. Everything depends on whether or not you like this new addition to the game :)

What kind of Force Stones are there?

There are 4 types of Force Stone:
  1. Strength Stones increase damage,
  2. Resilience stones increase health,
  3. Agility Stones increase initiative,
  4. Perfection Stones are the special Stones, which give a new special ability.
Each stone has a level. The highest level is 12:

Force Stones can be refined by combining stones with each other to produce other, more powerful ones:
  • Two identical Stones combine to make a higher level Stone.
  • Two different stones of the same level combine to make a Perfection Stone of that level.

How can I get Force Stones?
  1. When collecting resources at your Castle:

    Stones drop randomly when collecting profits from mines and production buildings.
    This way you can get level 1-3 Force Stones.

  2. For winning Assaults and Patrols:

    Stones drop during the first 6 bonus battles of the day.
    The chance of a stone dropping depends on the number of stars (in Patrols - on the number of stages passed): winning with 1 star gives you a 50% chance, winning with 2-3 stars gives 100% chance.
    This way you can get level 1-6 Force Stones.

  3. As a prize for the rank of your Covenant in the Global War:

    A set of Stones (2-3 pcs) appears above one of your strongest settlements on the GW map once every 2-14 days.
    Sets are generated randomly but the longer they take to appear and the higher the rank of the Covenant, the more powerful the Stones in the set can be. This way you can get level 1-10 Stones.
Please note: once you leave the Covenant, a timer restarts.

How do I use Force Stones?

Force Stones need to be placed in clutches on the special Stone Map. Every unit has its own Map:

As we wrote the start, when you slot in Stones, various bonuses are granted to the unit:
  • coloured Stones (Strength, Resilience and Agility) raise the unit’s stats (damage, health, initiative);
  • the special Perfection Stones, when placed in the corresponding clutch, endow the soldier with a new special ability.

The higher the level of the slotted Stone, the greater the bonus it grants:

Please note: clutches of one type can give various stat increases. To find our which exactly, just hover the cursor over the clutch.

Force Stone placement rules:
  1. First of all, you need to place a Stone in the central clutch. The level of this Stone determines how many Stones can be used on the Map:

    It’s easy to guess that, apart from the central Stone, there can be 12 Stones on the Map (maximum Stone level is 12) and as such, not all clutches can be filled. You have to choose :)

  2. Coloured Strength, Resilience and Agility Stones can only be placed into a clutch of the same colour: for example, a green Resilience Stone can only be placed in a green clutch. The exception is the central clutch (any stone can be placed here).
    Perfection Force Stones can be placed into any clutch, although only special clutches give you new special abilities:

  3. Stones can only be placed in a chain, starting from the central clutch.
    In addition, every consecutive Stone has to be the same level or lower as the previous one. This way, either all stones in the chain will be the same level or will line up in descending order of level.

  4. Once every 24 hours, all Stones placed in the Map can be removed for free, so they can be rearranged (to do so more often costs qrystals).
    At that, you can selectively change Force Stones with more powerful ones if the rules allow that :)

Finally I’ll add that the Force Stones is a long-term upgrade system: one can’t simple fill up a unit’s Map instantly to the maximum :)
It’s all quite simple: the more actively and longer you play, the more higher-level Stones you’ll have at your disposal!

You can share your opinion on the upcoming update and ask questions in the comments section.
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