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Kevin HulettKevin Hulett Freshly on the boardKevin HulettComments: 1
So I purchased 3 mercenaries.
2 of which were elite and therefore paid with credits.

I never had a chance to use them.
At first I thought it was because I was doing mostly revenge attacks.
Now when I look at my merc roster, NONE of them are there... but my credits have not been reimbursed.. WTH?
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  • XellosXellos Moderator XellosComments: 41
    When timer resets, merc costs are back to normal and what I think is that previously purchased mercenaries, if not used before the timer ends - will dissapear.

    EDIT: I've waited 48 hours and my mercenaries are still available to use, so the robots are not dissapearing on their own. If you will encounter the same problem again, you should write to the game support.
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