Turret Weapons & Upgrades

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Some Turret Weapons & Upgrades Ideas

Weapons Turrets
- Railgun
- Plasma Cannon
- Mortar Launcher
- RPG Launcher
- Flamethrowers
- Tesla Bolts
- Obelisk Laser Tech

Anti Weapons Turrets
- Gatlin Mini Cannons (anti missile defense)
- Drone Swarm (anti mech, swarm attack)
- EMP Turret (creates emp field-shroud, lowers missile & rocket accuracy)

Special Components
- Range Bonuses (rockets, missiles & cannons)
- Lasertargeting (increases missile & rocket accuracy)
- Armor Enhancements (increases armor strength)
- Sheild Enhancements (increases sheild strength)
- Plasma Dampening Field (lowers damage caused by weapons)
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