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Hi guys!

It’s been a while since our last post: I’ll update you on everything since then, beginning with questions on the latest update about mercenaries.

Questions on the latest update

1. How are mercenaries selected?

The selection depends on the average level of your factories and laboratories. Players are given a selection of robots and components that are close to their level of development. Technologies researched in the labs do not affect the selection of mercenaries.

2. If you use mercenaries, it becomes unprofitable to attack a base.

We’ve been counting the statistics for attacks and resources gained. We don’t want it to be unprofitable for players to make attacks with mercenaries. As soon as we come to a definite conclusion, we’ll make an update accordingly.

3. Will there be changes to the sets of mercenaries?

There will be changes: unpopular sets will be improved. We’ll also analyze how appropriate the sets are for a player’s level.

4. Will the mercenaries prices change?

They certainly will. The key factor here is the release of the clanmate back-up system, which will work on a similar principle, only for free.

5. Will it be possible to choose targets and tactics for mercenaries and guards?

There definitely won’t be direct player control. Now we’re developing the possibility to set priority targets for both units.

Plans for the future:
  • Right now we’re working on the start of the game: the tutorial, characters, the storyline, the first missions. The bad news is this won’t affect players who’ve been playing Titans for some time. The good news is, we'll get a stable platform for the campaign development.

  • After this, we’ll (finally!) start working on the clan backup system. Clan members will be able to exchange mechs from their docks to be used as allies in battles – exactly like mercenaries. Back-up from clanmates will be free, limited by weight (depending on the level of the Clan centre) and after being used, the mechs will be returned to their owners.

  • New robots, components and weapons and a secret “robot tech tree”.
    After the Back-up system, we’re planning a full-scale update of new and existing robots and components. I can’t say more than that, right now :)

  • We’re also planning to refresh our campaign: add some plot lines, the choice to repeat missions at higher difficulty levels, release new convoys and missions and possibly also develop some new PvE modes.

Thank you for your comments in the discussion sections! As always, you’re welcome to ask any questions here :)
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  • Dario WilkowskiDario Wilkowski Forum Dweller Dario WilkowskiComments: 11 ✭✭
    1. Will you change elite mercenaries ? As at the moment only way to hire one is through real money. So could you consider alternative like hire em with T-minerals way more (starting point higher) expensive then regular one.
    2. Will you add some new def layer or more defensive components turrets etc? Ie: Fortress 1 or 2 /base which could hold on max lvl 2-3 turrets and special components etc, as at the moment base def doesnt stand a chance vs top end mechs.
    3. Are u planning to add some air support? Flying units like light Air drones or even slow but heavily armed Air Drones for tactical use?
    4. In regard to clans will you add clan war system ? Or special missions for clans? As at the moment been a member of clan is mainly for fun but nothing else.
    Could you please reply on it.
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  • Bill TangBill Tang Forum Dweller Bill TangComments: 10 ✭✭
    looks like mercenaries won't avoid telsa traps by themselves.....
    it will be more interesting if the arsenal and armor are designed by players, just like guard bots.
    it will be more useful if at least the movement, if not their targets, are controlled by player.
    The three slots for the mercenaries in the battle screen are too big. it can be made smaller and relocated somewhere else up there.
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  • Dario WilkowskiDario Wilkowski Forum Dweller Dario WilkowskiComments: 11 ✭✭
    Are we gonna get any update from dev team? About what we said here?
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