New high level unit: Venator (29/6/16)

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New high level unit!

Join the mighty Venator unit to your army! This magician has an ability to protect the soldiers from the damage of 2 attacks, and moreover, he decreases the enemy's damage to himself!

Find Venator in the Arsenal:
Detailed description is below.


Venator is available to research from level 61.

Initial stats:

Damage: 530
Health: 1200
Movement range: 6
Initiative: 215

Maximum stats (Force Stones not included):

Damage: 680
Health: 2140
Movement range: 7
Initiative: 255

Passive ability:

Damage taken can't exceed 18% (15% after the upgrade) of Venator's full health.

Active ability:

"Summon ultimate defense": protects the soldier from the damage of 2 attacks.
Refreshes in 9 turns.
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