New side missions and Werewolf Samurai (6/29/16)

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Haven't reached the 61 level yet? Don't worry, Milord: we have an update for you too :)

If you've already completed the 'Camp Besieged' mission, the new 'Hunting for bandits' and 'Foreign prince' side missions are waiting for you!
Finish them and get an access for training the new Werewolf Samurai unit!

Details and unit stats are below.


The 'Hunting for bandits' and 'Foreign prince' side missions are available after the 'Camp Besieged' mission is completed.

The Werewolf Samurai is the new unit from the alternative unit line for low levels. This line includes Elven archeress,
Orc bezerker and Dwarf bomber for now.

You can upgrade the Werewolf Samurai by upgrading the Squire.

The Werewolf Samurai is trained at the Barracks.

Initial stats:

Damage: 300
Health: 1100
Movement range: 5
Initiative: 145

Maximum stats (Force Stones not included):

Damage: 400
Health: 1560
Movement range: 5
Initiative: 165

Passive ability:

The more the distance to target is, the more damage will be inflicted.

Active ability:

'Deadly meditation': for 3 turns the melee attackers will take 300 (400 after the upgrade) damage.
Refreshes in 9 turns.
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