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Hi, have you missed getting news? We've got a few for you all at once!

Clan help

Recently it became possible to upgrade the Clan Center (lvl. 10 max.). Levelling up the Clan Center enables better use of the Clan Dock: hire and deploy mech allies for free from your clanmates.

How does it work?

Every clan member can send their mechs to the Clan Dock. Any other clan member can go to the Clan Dock, take any mechs there for free and add them to their forces to use in any battle they like. After use, the mech is returned to its owner. The length it takes to return depends on the type of mech.
Question: Do I lose the robots I send to the Clan Dock?
Answer: No you don't: even if you leave the clan, or you're removed from it. In any case your mechs will remain yours and will return after some time."
Question: What's the difference between Allies and Mercenaries?
Answer: Mercenaries aren't limited by weight but hiring them costs resources or credits. Allies are mechs from your clanmates: they are free to hire but have a weight limit which depends on how advanced your Clan Center is.

Both types of mech act autonomously (you can't control them in battle). Both can be hired and used at the same time in any combination.
Question: How will I know if there are mechs in the Clan Dock?
Answer: You have to open the Clan window, go to the "Help" section and see if there are any mechs there. Information in this window is constantly updated without you having to restart the game.

New mechs and unique abilities

In August we're planning several updates with new mechs:
  • Standard (can be researched) mech "Panther". A 4th-generation light mech. Available from level 10+ Mechworks.
  • Elite 4th-generation light robot "Viper".
  • Elite support mech "Arachne".
  • Unique special components for the "Overlord", "Mauler" and "Godhammer". The special components will be possible to equip on existing robots for credits. The prize robots from future operations will come already equipped with them.
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