New Covenant for Players Who Just Want to Have Fun

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Are you unhappy in a covenant that is constantly at war? Are you losing valuable resources and points of ranking because your Lord Marshals are making bad strategy decisions? Are you new to the Realm of War and reluctant to join a warring clan?
Then you need to join Beer Bacon n Bikinis!

As you can see in the image below, BBnB is situated such that it can attack one of Morgana's Camps from 4 villages. We are also at peace and allied with strong neighbors who keep us safe from attacks. We cannot promise you no attacks, but they are indeed few and far between.

BBnB will be a great place to gather wealth by raiding Morgana and to grow strong in a protected environment relatively free from attack. Right now, we have 4 villages, at levels 20, 20, 19, and 15. All 4 should be at level 20 by the end of the month. That is a lot of fire power and we should be able to turn chests frequently.

And, personal levels and rank do not matter when attacking Morgana. She adjusts to each player's level. So, all players at any level and any rank are welcome.

Beer Bacon n Bikinis!
Just search for "beer" and you will find us. Join us today!
And yes, we take this game precisely as seriously as our name implies. :p
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