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ustinustin Titans DeveloperustinComments: 3 Developer
Mech components

Do you remember the ARMA mech components given to you by the Raider (unnamed for now but soon to join the story as a main character) in the last days of summer? Well, in September we are planning to extend the mechanics for getting components throughout the whole game instead of just in special offers. Not only that, there may be other pleasant surprises relating to mech components.

Our support team received a lot of questions about containers. I’ll try to answer the most important.

What do I do now with mech components I got in special offers?

Components collected from special offers are kept by players forever. Now you can buy the remaining components and build elite mech for a portion of the price. In future we’ll add the possibility to gradually collect the remaining components in battles.

I don’t need a 15th “Shark” in my squad. What should I do with it?

Now we’re working on mechanics that will let you profit from any robot. For the time being, you can send “spare” mechs to the Clan Dock: Your clan comrades will be grateful for the extra support.

Is it possible to upgrade the equipment of elite robots built from components?

Yes, it is possible. Equipment upgrades can be done in the usual way, as soon as the mech is assembled.

Anything else about plans for September?

  • We’re planning to work on so-called “viral” mechanics (that’s the name for game options that allow players to interact with each other), which will allow players to help friends and clan members in the gruelling war against ARMA. We’re currently discussing what form these mechanics will take.

  • 3 new elite mechs are being prepared for release (heavy robot, level 10 of the Mechworks and 2 mechs for beginners) and several special abilities for mechs that are already in the game.

  • Special abilities for the “Mauler” and “Godhammer” (since there wasn’t quite enough time for this in August).

What else are we working on (but still don’t have a release date for)?

  • Level 6 HQ and everything connected to it: mechs, new structure levels, new types of traps, defenses and other components, new campaign missions and new convoys.

  • Special components for defenses.

  • Clan interaction: see which other clan members are online, see activity statistics.

  • Recognition for playing in the leagues and climbing the leaderboard: Based on the mech component mechanics.

  • More understandable opponent selection.

  • New battle formats. We’re looking at two main options: more interesting Campaign battles for single-player mode and co-op missions you can complete together with clan members.

  • And one more idea is nearly finished: we are expanding our artist department, so we’ll be bringing you interesting new events more often! ;)
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  • Jason LavertyJason Laverty Freshly on the board Jason LavertyComments: 1
    looks good to me. particularly selling extra elites for gold. that would be great :)
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  • Paul SorianoPaul Soriano Freshly on the board Paul SorianoComments: 1
    damn, another lag just happen to me now... CALLING THE ATTENTION OF TITANS DEVELOPER (PLAYKOT)...

    I have reserved resources on my Tech Factory and what had happened after launching Operation Sentinel, my robot production has been gone as well as my resources??? I am saving it to "unlock" my Titans Bot!!!

    Playkot, it is ok to launch the operation BUT atleast don't stop what we have in our bases such as Production and Upgrades.... Damn :(

    Paul Soriano
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  • Jean-paul FollacaJean-paul Follaca Forum Speaker Jean-paul FollacaComments: 18 ✭✭✭
    Hello Fyodor and the team!
    A lot of news sound great to me!
    We have always the problem with destroyed trees near our base that cannot grow up again.
    Maybe a special base bot could plant trees and put other obstacles near the base.

    For the bot components (or fuel etc...) picked up during future missions maybe a special tanker (or bag) kind of bot would be the only one allowed to do that job. With the ability to take and leave his container at special place for new missions or rendez-vous at exchange places with members of the clan instead of doing it in the house of clan (it would be more "realistic" scenario).

    Some more:
    We can put a button meet (or join, seek, hunt) near the attack button to meet members of clan to exchange mech pieces or goods. This can be done in the unused places where missions are finished. (so events and players rendez-vous can be done there)
    You can leave some goodies in these places to allow players to hunt them telling only the act where there are located. Of course there could be mechs here to guard the treasure or other players squad coming here and so a player battle can occur. And it's not the stronger who win but the fastest to seek and catch with container bots.
    (hence different types of container bots: light and fast, heavy but slow etc...)
    Thank you.
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  • Ariah Ben YehudahAriah Ben Yehudah Freshly on the board Ariah Ben YehudahComments: 1
    All these additions will be much appreciated. question. is it possible to turn back the clock and allow us to gain fuel from missions instead of coins.
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  • Jean-paul FollacaJean-paul Follaca Forum Speaker Jean-paul FollacaComments: 18 ✭✭✭
    Hello the dev team!
    I think mech parts could be placed in a parts building with exploded drawings of the mechs to know what we have exactly and to search the missing parts or exchange with others to have them (in rendez-vous places).
    When we have all the parts a container is sent by a base bot to the factory to build at no cost the bot, not instantly but much faster than research bots because it's only assembling operations.
    Same thing for the weapons when we remove them from bots we could put them in weaponry instead of loosing them. So we could sell or buy against ressources (market place) or exchange (rendez-vous place) with other players by containers.
    Thank you!

    I apologize you put the mech parts in the mech research. For them you need just the drawings and the container system (or another one).
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  • Jean-paul FollacaJean-paul Follaca Forum Speaker Jean-paul FollacaComments: 18 ✭✭✭
    Hello the team!
    Happy to see that new components and bots use shared ideas.
    For the missions, I thought about a bot able to scan all the area to find and then dig a buried artifact (bot component or other) before taking it, while the others bots are defending him against foes. In another mission, there is a field of special monoliths and they have to destroy them to make a special mineral or crystal appear and the bag bot take it to the base.

    For the trees, I talked about this before, all my trees were destroyed to make place and they don't grow up again. I think they could grow randomly or at desired place with a controlled base seed bot after a certain time.

    We could make other obstacles with the burnt bots of attackers instead of destroying them when taking the fuel (every player can have them). The base bag bot could place them where they can slow down the rush of the foes. Of course, foes can hit them several times and destroy them but after a long time (not as easily than living bots)

    I thought of a bot with the ability to dismount component or weapon of foes making them pickable by the bag bot. of course, the "fire" rate of this weapon would be very low and the foe loose his component only for this battle. This would be another way to get new components if we fight against elite during missions instead of normal bots.

    I Thought about a mirror component return ammo back to sender. The only way to get rid of him is to use the dismount component against him. And when his "mirror" is lost you can destroy it!

    The bounce component would allow to receive the fire and redirect it to another foe of our choice (the more powerful).

    Another kind would be an energy pumping component or bot (leecher). For instance, you're attacking a base you pass near tesla traps and you steal their electrical energy to deliver an electrical spark or laser beam.
    It can accumulate energy of ionic bots firing at him (sentinel). If it's mechanical energy (bullets etc...) it can deliver a shockwave. Of course it take some time to accumulate energy with increasing buzz noise and beep when it is charged.

    Another kind of vampire may weak foes by stealing energy making their fire less
    powerful but his fire more powerful.

    Thank you!
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  • Cristi Stutzman ScottCristi Stutzman Scott Freshly on the board Cristi Stutzman ScottComments: 1
    Getting mec components is good. now once I have them were do I look to see what i have, and what bot they belong too?
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  • XellosXellos Moderator XellosComments: 41
    In the mechworks there are 5 robots with little gear icons below them - Shark(V), Cyclops(VII), Scarab(VII), Arachne(VIII), and Viper(X). Click on them, hit the "Construct" button and here you can see your collected components. That's how it's working right now.
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  • Jean-paul FollacaJean-paul Follaca Forum Speaker Jean-paul FollacaComments: 18 ✭✭✭
    Hello team!

    To avoid easily the same aspect of landscapes during all the missions, it is possible to change the palette of colors and the lightings according to:
    - the moment of the day: dawn, morning, noon, afternoon, dusk, dark night (with lights), moonlight.
    - the season with changing on plants: more greenish for spring (flowering trees), yellowish and more ligth for summer (plain green trees),
    rusty for autumn (yellow and rusty leaves), more bleachy and less light for winter (naked trees)
    - the weather: fog, dry, rain, after rain, snowy, stormy etc...
    - the region: sand desert (ochre), ice (blueish white), volcanic (black or dark gray with yellow and orange "riverbeds"), rocky (light gray), martian (terracotta red) , snow (white) etc...
    The clouds that are passing can change too!

    I was accomplishing a mission for an event when a crash occured because a son of b... attacked my base!
    So i lost the benefit of it (I think). The attack could be enabled only when we have finished our mission.

    Looking at the new Malfius, I had the idea of a BLACK HOLE mech which has the abilitity for limited periods to become like a black nebula surrounded by the inner walls of the bot (metallic color?) to drain streams of atoms from all the foes bots making one weapon disappear for instance and invincible during this time.
    Thank you!

    Happy to see changes made for Malfius event: rewards are cools, the missions are changing with more use of walls and traps, more scenario and variations in situations and goals, less missions so we can sleep.

    For the translation of the character's names, I think you can let their russian names. For instance, in French commandant Marteau is not as good as commandant Molotov.

    These are good things, it's a good way. Keep the good work!
    Bravo and thank you!

    I have the idea of a mecha called VERTIGO: when a foe is hit, his body or turret is turning without stopping for a while, hence greatly diminishing his fire ability.

    Another one is the BLOCKER (or SHIELDER) putting a big holographic obstacle to the desired place which is impossible to pass through for bots (or ammo).

    I though of a FLASH mech with light weapons but a lightning speed, allowing him to go through the heart of bases almost without being hit and reach a good fire nest.

    Thank you!
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  • Jean-paul FollacaJean-paul Follaca Forum Speaker Jean-paul FollacaComments: 18 ✭✭✭
    Hello the team!
    For new missions:

    I thought of a duel David versus Goliath between one of our mechs (elite or not) and a boss, a super mech more powerful than usually. We have opaque obstacles in the field to avoid the deadly fire and when we hit the boss a repair container is dropped in the field.

    I thought of partial squad or solo missions due to carrier repair or weight limitation, or missions with beginner bots to use them again and have beginner sensations.

    Happy new year to the team and titans players!

    I thought of a SLEDGEHAMMER bot firing ballistic ammo which is bouncing above the victim hitting him several times !

    I thought of a CYCLOTRON bot: the ammo is deviated, accelerating around him for several turns and then strikes back to the foe with much more power !

    I thought about a mecha named SHOCKER (or PUNCHER) which the ammo impact is so strong that it pushes back the foe.

    Another one called FIREWALL delivers a swing of flamethrower making an arc shaped firewall running towards the ennemies.

    I thought of a MAGNETO bot: when the foe is hit, it is glued face to face with another one,
    so no one can't fire without hitting the other and both if it's a blasting ammo.

    And the MEGAGNET glue all the foes bots together !

    I agree with people saying that the select all button placed at the left is not a good plan.

    Looking at the PATRIOT, I have an idea for a DOOM weapon generating a dome around the foe, so his fire is reflected to him for a while !

    Thank you for the game and your open mind !

    When we are attacked several times a day, we have only 6 fuels max, so the reward for one attack.
    I think we should have all the fuels of the dead foes from all attacks.
    If it's a problem of place, increment the numbers above the 6 dead foes !

    I thought of a new ammo PINBALL: when the foe is hit, the mecha becomes fast like a projectile and knocks all the others like a pinball between mushrooms. All are damaged!

    I thought of a STEALTH bot, invisible when not firing and
    a CLOAK bot with a dome. If the dome is between our bots and the foes the bots behind the dome are invisibles.

    Thank you !
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