Game lag??? Wt* we will do now??

0 Comments·Started 08 September 2016 02:51 AM
Paul SorianoPaul Soriano Freshly on the boardPaul SorianoComments: 1
Damn, another lag just happen to me now... CALLING THE ATTENTION OF TITANS DEVELOPER (PLAYKOT)...

I have reserved resources on my Tech Factory and what had happened after launching Operation Sentinel, my robot production has been gone as well as my resources??? I am saving it to "unlock" my Titans Bot!!!

Playkot, it is ok to launch the operation BUT atleast don't stop what we have in our bases such as Production and Upgrades.... Damn

A lot of lags even when attacking players bases and minerals... game freezing after completing the raids and nowhere to go than to "reset" the browser and LOOSE all the stolen resources...

Paul Soriano
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