New high level unit: Tyrant (9/28/16)

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Tyrant has settled in Greenmeere's lands!

Tyrant's multiple abilities are really impressive: lowering the damage, stun, speed and initiative reducing and so on...
Reach the level 61 and train this new warrior, Milord!

Check out the detailed description below.

Tyrant is available to research from level 61.

Initial stats:

Damage: 530
Health: 3470
Movement range: 4
Initiative: 165

Maximum stats (Force Stones not included):

Damage: 680
Health: 4540
Movement range: 5
Initiative: 210

Passive abilities:

1) –50% damage from melee attacks,
2) –70% damage by arrows,
3) an attack decreases the strength of the target by 10% (20% after the upgrade) for 2 turns,
4) reduces initiative of enemies by 30 in a one-square radius,
5) reduces speed of all enemies 1 square away to 1,
6) an attack increases the damage of Stunning Strike by +50% for one turn, up to 3 times maximum.

Active ability:

"Stunning strike": inflicts 50% damage on the enemy. Stuns the target for a turn. On the next turn the target is immune to fear, stun, control. Refreshes in 4 turns.
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  • Irakli BeridzeIrakli Beridze Freshly on the board Irakli BeridzeComments: 1
    Admin ! How About To Add More Walls ? We Need More To Defend. And Please Add More Tents 40/40 Like This [Sorry For My Bad English]
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  • Indriķis SīpolsIndriķis Sīpols Moderator Indriķis SīpolsComments: 219 Moderator
    Hello, Irakli,

    having played a lot, I strongly disagree about walls being good. But they might be useful at low levels. If you prove your point, I would gladly forward the suggestion to the developers.

    Regarding more tents, now the max population is 32. And you can use a max of 16 spaces for attacks.. Adding more tents would affect that 16/32 ratio and make attacks more difficult for those who assault others. Do you feel assaults are too easy?

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