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Ivan Ivan PerezIvan Ivan Perez Freshly on the boardIvan Ivan PerezComments: 0
Hallo all, yesterday i had an offer in my base for buy one premium scarab, so i saw it seemed nice unit i went bougth ticket paysafe for pay for that premium scarab, after payment was succesfull i no got that unit, sended many emails to playkot for say sort this becouse this is no fun and time is going missions are passing time and i need my premium scarab, after many emails showing to playkot attachments paid was succesfull, one of they said ok i sended to your dock elite scarab, refresh and check it, i refreshed, once, twice 10 times..-.. and nothing i no have premium scarab, sending more emails to playkot and they ignoring me, really fun and nice, so ok, i see here are bugs in payments reason why i am thincking seriously in leave this game, no coin nothing more, o even delete my nase and my family bases, just let all you know take care if you coin becouse purchases no go in base and they finished ignoring me, thanks playkot for make i wasted 14,41 euros in one unit wich you dont want give me, i will wait for few minmuts more after this post be posted, if i no get my premium scarav, i will send last email to playkot for scrap my base and my family bases, will search another games where spend money no has issues like here, thanks all, here i add the payment

lets see if know playkot does something for sort this issue o will be necesary take other ways
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  • XellosXellos Moderator XellosComments: 41
    Hello Ivan,

    I will talk about your problem with game administrator. Please be patient for now, I will reply to you as soon as I will get any information back.

    EDIT: You got a message in your inbox, scarab robot was added to your account.
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