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3 Comments·Started 29 September 2016 09:20 PM
Name:Ares DEM-7G5

Appearance: Base similar to Hammer/Godhammer; turret comprised of Panther core (to be modified for larger size), Salamander cannon (mounted in the top of the turret), Sentinel arms (with attachments from those of Mauler, such as laser sights and missile racks), and Overlord exhausts.

Mech Class: Heavy
Durability: 2,000
Speed: 50
Range Bonus: 25%
Mech Weight: 100
Maximum Weight: 1,000

Weapon Slots: 5
Armor Slots: 3
Shield Slots: 2
Special Slots: 3

Description: This ungodly mech was designed for one thing: utter annihilation of anything that stands in it's way. How Command was able to sneak the design specs from ARMA's head research department is unknown, but not how the Ares DEM-7G5 will unleash pain upon those that dare cross it's path.

Notes: I apologize that I would not have imaging available for this mech. I may have a knack for imaging in MS Paint, but I'm not nearly good enough with it for something of this magnitude. In any case, feedback on this idea would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing comments from those who wish to submit them.
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  • Darin CookDarin Cook Freshly on the board Darin CookComments: 2
    Interesting idea Elwood J. :)

    Though... I am no programmer and have no idea how hard it is or isn't to adjust sprites and pixels etc.

    Also.. am not sure how much 'changing' can be made with the different mech 'templates' (The page where you put all the components etc) ?


    Having a competition here... for the forum fans to all put in mech ideas and eventually see them as elites or 'regular' mechs is indeed a great idea!

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  • XellosXellos Moderator XellosComments: 41
    Did you see the new mech MSR-108 'Beelzebub'? here you can find more details: Link
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  • Elwood JarvisElwood Jarvis Forum Dweller Elwood JarvisComments: 9 ✭✭
    I did see it, actually. By far the strangest looking mech I've ever seen... But I imagine that's what the intent was, with the mech having THAT as a name...
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